Video (or Audio) Embed Code


Ensemble Video enables users to easily embed a video (or audio file) using an embed code that will embed Ensemble Video's HTML5 player into a webpage, CMS, LMS, or blog. After logging into your Ensemble Video Media Library, find the video you would like to embed in your media library and click on the “Embed” link and icon. 


After clicking Embed, you can choose various display options for the Embed Code. After choosing your options, copy and paste the embed code into your desired location. Note: If security settings are applied to the individual video (or audio) item they will be applied to the embedded video.


Embed Code Options 

Mode: Ensemble Video offers four embed code options for media items video to ensure compatibility with the platforms, tools, and technologies that you use in your organization. The default option is the iFrame Responsive embed code. Alternate options are fixed-sized iFrame embed code, JavaScript Responsive embed code, and a fixed-sized JavaScript embed code.

Size: The fixed-size embed codes allow uses to adjust the dimensions of the embed code by using the Size dropdown menu.

Display Options: Utilize the checkboxes below the dropdown menu and the Advanced Settings to specify various display options. For example, you can choose if you want your video to Auto Play among other things.


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