Import Video from YouTube™

Ensemble Content administrators can import video from YouTube™ into their Ensemble Video library to publish content to an Ensemble Video playlist. This is useful if content administrators want to mix their own content and YouTube™ content in Ensemble Video playlists, portals, and publishing methods. Note: If you are on Ensemble Video 5.6 or above you do not need to setup the YouTube™ Integration. If you are on Ensemble Video 5.5 or prior you will need to Setup the YouTube Integration prior to importing videos from YouTube™.  

Import Videos from YouTube™

To begin, click the + Add button >  YouTube™ in your Media Library.

Add YouTube Video Button

Enter the YouTube™ URL in the text field, then click +Add:


Ensemble Video will import the metadata from YouTube™, you can edit the metadata and click Continue when finished.

Edit Metadata

In the Publish tab, choose the publishing options for your imported YouTube™ video. When you are finished, click Publish.

Publish Playlist

Congrats! You imported a YouTube™ video into Ensemble Video.

You can now mix your content with YouTube™ content in Ensemble Video playlists, portals and other publishing methods.


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