How to Delete and Cleanup Media Content


The Media Cleanup Report allows you to review, filter, and delete content items based on their size, views, and date uploaded. To get started, go to the left menu and click on Administration > Library > Reporting.

Select Media Cleanup Report

In the top right area of the reporting interface, select the Media Cleanup Report from the drop down menu.

Media Cleanup

Media Cleanup Report Details

The Media Cleanup Report provides a wealth of information related to video upload date, last viewed date, viewership, and size. The most important details of the Media Cleanup report are:

Media Cleanup Step 2

  1. Institution, Organization and Library Sorting - dropdown menus to access Reporting statistics for any Media Library you have permission to access to execute the media cleanup function. As an Institution Administrator, you can select All Libraries and All Organizations to get summary statistics for an entire Organization/Institution.
  2. Date Range - this menu allows you to select a date range for the media cleanup report
  3. Select Options - the Select checkboxes and Select All button enable the user to select one or many items in the media cleanup report
  4. Column Heading - the column headings allow the user to sort the media cleanup report by a specific column heading (Content Title, Date Uploaded, Last Viewed, Total Views, Average Daily Views, Average Percent Viewed, and Size). These items are important when determining what items should be deleted.
  5. Delete Options - the Delete links and Bulk Delete button enable the user to select one or many items to delete.

Media Cleanup Report Example

When using the Media Cleanup Report, it is important that you filter, sort, and analyze specific column headings to identify the file(s) you would like to cleanup/delete.

For example, if you would like to delete large files with very little views that have been in the system for an extended period of time, you can sort by the Total Views or the Size column. If we analyze the information in the image below, the Media Cleanup Report is sorted by Total Views and it reveals two large files (12.34 GB and 7.35 GB) that have little or no viewership.  

Media Cleanup Part 3.png

These items can either be individually deleted using the Delete link or by selecting both items and using the Bulk Delete button. When you delete a file or files from the Media Cleanup report, you will do “soft” delete. Content then can be undeleted or permanently deleted by a user from Deleted Items menu or permanently deleted by service based on “file retention delete period”.

Delete an Individual Item

Ensemble Video will prompt you and you will want to confirm that you would like to delete this file. Click Yes to delete the file.

Media Cleanup Part  4.png 

Bulk Delete Items

Ensemble Video will prompt you and you will want to confirm that you would like to delete the selected titles. Enter the code and click Bulk Delete to delete the files.

Media Cleanup part 5.png 


For a full description of Ensemble Video Reporting options, see the Reporting guide.

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