Keyboard Shortcuts


The Ensemble Video Player supports playback control through a set of keyboard shortcuts, enabling viewers to have an effortless and accessible video experience without the use of a mouse. With just a few keystrokes, you can tab to the video player on the page and then use the provided shortcuts to begin playback. The Ensemble Video Player keyboard shortcuts are active when you tab into or clicked into the player. To disable the shortcuts, just tab or click outside of the player.



Keyboard Shortcut Action Single * Dual **
Space Pause or play video    
Enter Pause or play video
Note: Enter is also used to select the currently focused item
Esc Exit full-screen
Note: Exit a menu, overlay, or full-screen
Tab Advance to the next item in focus    
Up and Down arrows Increase or decrease volume by 10%    
Right and Left arrows Seek forward or backward by 5 seconds    
0-9 Fast seek to x% of the video    
c Toggle captions off, on, or cycle through the available tracks    
f Enter or exit full screen    
m Mute or unmute video volume    
p Change presentation layout    
v Audio descriptions on/off    
i Increase audio description volume by 10%      
l Decrease audio description volume by 10%     
h Enter or exit full screen      
a 360 video left    
d 360 video right    
s 360 video down    
w 360 video up    

* Single = Single streaming video

** Dual = Dual streaming video

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