Captions "On" By Default


In Player Settings, you can force captions "on" by default for an Institution or Organization video player. This is a powerful administrative setting that will allow Ensemble customers to ensure their Closed Captions are always being displayed in the player for content that has been captioned.

To reach the Player menu, click Administration in the navigation pane, click Organization (or Institution), then select Player (Administrator accounts only).

Player Settings

To access Player Settings, click the Action drop-down next to the organization you'd like to edit, then click Settings.

Player Settings

From the Settings menu, a System or Organization Administrator can select the JW Player options. The JW Player enables a responsive layout, as well as the option to choose between player skins and edit the appearance of closed captions.

The Player Settings window includes options for the integrated JW Player. Make sure you check the Captions "On" by Default checkbox to always display closed captions in the player on all your Organization (or Institution) videos. 

Player Settings Captions On



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