Accessibility Solutions


Ensemble Video offers a wide variety of accessibility and closed captions features to ensure your content is accessible across many devices when using Ensemble Video products and services. Learn more about our video accessibility and closed captions features:


Audio Descriptions

With Ensemble Video, you can add easily add an Audio Description to your videos. You can upload an MP3 or M4A formatted audio file, or you can use the Ensemble Video speech-to-text audio description generator.

Automatic Captions

Ensemble Video has integrated speech-to-text technology to automatically create captions for your videos. These automatic captions are generated by machine learning algorithms. After the automatic captions are created you can edit them in the integrated Amara Caption Editor to make all your content accessible and searchable with our interactive transcript feature. 

Closed Caption Editor

Ensemble Video's Closed Caption editor makes creating caption files easy and affordable. Any user can create captions for any video at no cost.

Closed Captions "On" By Default

In Player Settings, you can force captions "on" by default for an Institution or Organization video player. This is a powerful administrative setting that will allow Ensemble customers to ensure their Closed Captions are always being displayed in the player.

Captioning Partners

Our Closed Captioning Partners were chosen carefully to help us deliver additional value to our online video platform customers. Ensemble Video integrates with 3PlayMedia, CaptionSync, Rev and CaptionEx.

Display Closed Captions

Display your captions to your viewers in your learning management systems, HTML pages, blogs, portals and other content management systems.

Interactive Transcript

With the Interactive Transcript you can view the scrolling transcript while watching the video, with current captions highlighted as the video plays.  You can also scroll through the transcript and click any word to play the video from that point.  The Interactive Transcript also enables you to search for a word, and wherever the word appears in the transcript you can click to play the video from that point.

Keyboard Shortcuts

The Ensemble Video Player supports keyboard control through a set of keyboard shortcuts, enabling viewers to have an effortless and accessible video experience without the use of a mouse. With just a few keystrokes, you can tab to the video player on the page and then use the provided shortcuts to begin playback. The Ensemble Video Player keyboard shortcuts are active when you tab into the Player or after you have clicked into it.

Automatic Captioning Organization Level Licenses

In Ensemble Video 4.8, Organization Administrators can now add an Automatic Captioning license to their Organization. This is a great way for distributed organizations within Ensemble Video Institutions to purchase Automatic Captioning hours for their individual Organization. For example, an Institution can have 500 Automatic Caption hours  and an Organization (inside of the Institution) can purchase 300 Automatic Caption hours to be used for their organizational content.  

Screen Reader Support

Ensemble Video 4.8+ works with Screen Reader tools designed to read text displayed on-screen, a crucial advancement for anyone with visual impairment. Review Ensemble Video's Screen Reader support article to learn more.

Spanish Language Captions

We support the display of Spanish Language captions if your Ensemble Video language is set to Spanish and if you are using the Automatic Captioning service or Automatic Sync Technologies integration.

Multi-Language Captions

New in Ensemble Video 5.1 is the ability to choose language for automated captions services, and also to add multiple captions for different languages. The Ensemble Video player enables users to choose between languages when multiple captions files with different languages have been created and added to the content. 


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