Restricted Streaming (4.8)


Restricted Steaming allows you to limit the number of concurrent viewers of video-on-demand (VOD) content. This is most often used by educational institutions that provide streaming access to licensed videos that only allow a certain number of students to view the content at any given time.

In Ensemble Video version 4.8 we’ve introduced a new mechanism which is easier and more flexible than previous versions. To set up Restricted Streaming, go into Library > Media Workflows.

The Media Workflows area will list your available media workflows. For information on creating media workflows, check out the Media Workflows article. Choose the existing Media Workflow that you would like to edit for Restricted Streaming, click Edit.


At the bottom of the Workflow form, there is a place to set a limit on the numbers of concurrent viewers. Once you do that, all videos uploaded using that Workflow will be restricted to the number of concurrent viewers you specify.


While this is normally done at the Library level, you can also set Workflow Template for your Institution or Organization as needed by going to Institution > Workflow Templates on the side menu.


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