Ensemble Video 4.9 Version Summary


In Ensemble 4.9, we have brought program improvements and better accessibility for all users. Take a closer look at the new features and enhancements here:

Live Stream Captions and Accessibility

Ensemble Video now supports captions for live streams for customers that use EEG Falcon to caption their live streams. 


We have also made accessibility improvements to our viewing interface (the portal, player, permalink and video embeds) to improve access for all users in accordance with W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. This includes improvements in player focus, keyboard controls, screen reader behavior and portal page accessibility.


In 4.9, Sharing has been changed so you can share with any user at a moment's notice. All sharing permissions are enabled to make it super simple. Simply check the box next to the user you with to share with, and hit publish.


You can also directly publish to a library or playlist if available. Check out the Sharing article for more information. 


We have made back-end changes to improve performance of Ensemble Video, including improved player loading and media library/editing performance improvements. We also made improvements to enhance interactivity of online reporting tool. 

360 Video (Beta)

360 degree video can now be uploaded to Ensemble and viewed in our player. This is noted by a small 360° symbol in the lower right hand corner of video's thumbnail.

Simply click drag the video around in the desktop player to see all the different angles. Please note that this is still in Beta, and there are some known issues with mobile device playback. 



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