Using the Moodle Plugin (LTI)


The Ensemble Video Chooser makes uploading, recording and adding video to Moodle easy for educators who want to use video as part of their course. Learn how to Use Ensemble Video in Moodle.

This version of the Moodle Plug-in allows for the tracking of viewers when logged in with a proper account.

First, find the area you would like to add the video to and press Add an Activity or Resource.


Next, find External Tool under Activities, then press Add.


Insert an Activity Name, choose, Ensemble Video Chooser from the drop down list for Preconfigured Tool, then press Select Content.


Choose Media

Find the video you would like to use, and press the green plus button under the thumbnail.

If you want to add a new video click Upload or, if you have a license for Ensemble Anthem webcam+screen recording software, you can click on the Record button. Once the new video is added, press the green plus button under the thumbnail.


Hit Save.


On the page, a green box should show at the top saying your configuration was successful, with a URL now in the Tool URL box. Edit any other information, and then scroll down and press save.


The video will then show up in your course.


Clicking on the link will open a new tab with the video player. You can see all viewers that have watched the video.


Choose Playlist

Find the playlist you would like to use, and press the green plus Choose button.



Choose Playlist Embed Options (Optional) to modify the layout of the playlist. 



Select the preferred Layout and click Save.  


Click Save to finalize your selection. 


You Playlist is now has an LTI Launch Link in your course.




When students click on the link they will launch the Playlist and their identity will be collected so student viewing information can be updated. 


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