Set up the Moodle Tool (LTI)


The Ensemble Video tool makes it easier for Moodle users to upload or publish content from Ensemble Video into their Moodle pages.

To set up the tool, scroll to Site Administration -> Plugins -> Activity Modules -> External tool -〉 Manage tools.


Next, click on the link to configure the tool manually.


For the next step, you will want to go to your LTI Configurations on Ensemble Video to get the information you need to fill out for the tool on Moodle. You can Add a new configuration, or use the info for one already created for Moodle if available.


You will need the Launch URL, Consumer Key, and Shared Secret from Ensemble Video.


Input this information into the Tool configuration. Make sure to give the tool an appropriate name as well.

Moodle Configuration Screen

Feel free to change any other settings you like, but make sure to leave the Content-Item Message checkbox checked. Press Save Changes when you're finished. The tool is now available to be used.

Scroll down to Privacy section and be sure the settings are as follows to enable the Gradebook functionality 


Custom Parameters

Any additional parameters to be passed in the LTI tool launch in order to override default launch and tool UI behavior. Each value should be on a new line and be in the format {parameter}={value}.  This is most often used when there is a mismatch between how user ID is stored in Moodle and Ensemble Video, for example there is just username in Moodle and in Ensemble Video the username is same as email address. 

For example:


Available optional parameters:

  • custom_ensemble_username_param: Tells the launch handler to use the given LTI launch parameter (e.g. "lis_person_contact_email_primary"), rather than the default ("custom_moodle_user_login_id"), when performing username mapping.
  • custom_ensemble_username_domain: If the username value being mapped from Moodle requires a domain-qualification (e.g. "") in order to match the username within EV, this parameter can be set to provide that domain (e.g. "").
  • custom_ensemble_default_video_width: The default video width embed option is set to the value of the given encoding. This parameter can be passed to override that with a specific static selected width value (must match one of the available selection options).
  • custom_ensemble_video_setting_{setting}: Override default selected video embed options (e.g. "custom_ensemble_video_setting_download"). Available options and default values are listed below.
    • showtitle: true
    • autoplay: false
    • showcaptions: false
    • hidecontrols: false
    • socialsharing: false
    • annotations: true
    • captionsearch: true
    • attachments: true
    • links: true
    • metadata: true
    • dateproduced: true
    • embedcode: false
    • download: false
  • custom_ensemble_playlist_setting_{setting}: Override default selected playlist embed options (e.g. "custom_ensemble_playlist_setting_embedcode"). Available options and default values are listed below.
    • layout: 'playlist'
    • playlistLayout_playlistSortBy: 'videoDate'
    • playlistLayout_playlistSortDirection: 'desc'
    • showcaseLayout_categoryList: true
    • showcaseLayout_categoryOrientation: 'horizontal'
    • embedcode: false
    • statistics: true
    • duration: true
    • attachments: true
    • annotations: true
    • links: true
    • credits: true
    • socialsharing: false
    • autoplay: false
    • showcaptions: false
    • dateproduced: true
    • audiopreviewimage: false
    • captionsearch: true
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