Configure the Brightspace by D2L Integration


The Desire2Learn (D2L) integration provides a simple way for educators to
upload media, access their existing Ensemble Video media libraries, and publish single videos and video playlists into their course, without ever leaving the D2L interface.

To set up the integration you will need to

1. Add a Remote Plugin for Quicklink (CIM) or Insert Stuff (CIM) and make available to your Org Units

2. Modify the External Learning Tool Provider to set security options

3. Modify Ensemble Video Quicklink (CIM) to add custom parameter


Remote Plugins

Start by logging into D2L as an Administrator. Go to Settings and choose Remote Plugins.


In the Manage Remote Plugins interface, click New Remote Plugin. 


This will open up the area to input the information for the Ensemble Video Plugin.


From the Plugin Type drop-down list, select from either Insert Stuff (CIM) or Quicklink (CIM). I


Note: If you create both Insert Stuff and Quicklink Remote Plugins, be sure to give them different names. so that later on when you go to Edit Link to add custom Parameter for Ensemble Quicklink, you know which one to Edit.

Note: If CIM is not available, use "Config Variable Browser" to find and turn on the "d2l.Tools.Lti.ContentItemMessaging.IsEnabled" setting.

Enter the values from the Ensemble Video Institutional LTI Configurations form as explained below. Then, make sure to name the plugin something descriptive like Ensemble Video Chooser.

The Launch Point URL, as well as the LTI Key and LTI Secret can be found on the LTI Configuration setup for D2L on Ensemble Video or can be created if it does not exist yet.



Add all organizations (on D2L) that you would like to have access to the plugin under Make available to: by clicking Add Org Units. 


You can also link to a Icon if preferred. When finished, click Save.

External Learning Tools

Next, go to Settings and click on External Learning Tools.


Then Edit Ensemble Video Tool Provider, scroll down to the security settings, and make sure that all items shown below are checked.



Edit Ensemble Video Quicklink (CIM) to Add Custom Parameter

Go to Manage Links, for Quicklink(CIM) you need to add a custom Parameter (ensemble_force_launch_target = Window) to force content to launch in new Window.



You can preview the username that will be sent by the LTI request by editing the launch link, and using the dropdown menu to select “View Link Request”.


The est_d2l_username value is the username that will be passed to Ensemble Video. This username must match a username for the IDP specified in the LTI configuration for your Ensemble Video Institution.


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