Ensemble Video 5.0 Version Summary


We’re excited to announce the latest release of our video platform. Ensemble Video 5.0 continues our focus on enhancing teaching and learning with video tools. In 5.0 we launched our brand new, easy-to-use video quiz feature. Additionally, we’ve made significant improvements to our personal screen capture tool, Ensemble Anthem and our Windows-based classroom software lecture capture tool, Ensemble Anthem Pro. Finally, we updated our LMS integrations to continue to make it easy for instructors to use video in the LMS.

Video Quizzes

In Ensemble Video 5.0 educators and trainers have a new tool for testing comprehension and reinforcing key concepts. The Ensemble Video Quizzes feature is a tool that allows instructors to easily create quizzes on top of their videos and then publish them in the LMS, CMS, blog or webpage.


Setup a Quiz: Quiz creators choose which video they will associate with their quiz and determine their quiz settings.


Add Quiz Questions: Quiz creators create multiple choice, multiple select and/or true false questions. Then, quiz creators can add hints and explanations for each question they add.


View Quiz Results: After a quiz has been created, Ensemble Video provides the educator or trainer results and can drill down into specific results by question and users. Additionally, they can export results to a PDF or CSV.


Quiz Options: add text here


LMS Integrations Updated

If your school or organization uses a Learning Management System (LMS), such as Blackboard, Moodle, Canvas, Sakai, Brightspace or Schoology, we’ve updated the integration for you. Our LMS integrations now support:

Inserting a Quiz Link: Ensemble Video users can embed a quiz through the updated LMS integration.


Inserting a Dropbox Link: Ensemble Video users can embed a Dropbox through the updated LMS integration.


Users Reports: Ensemble Video contributors or administrators can access the “Users” report in the LMS to determine the user(s) that watched the video, the average duration of their view, the average percentage of the video that they watched and how many times they played it.


Views Reports: Ensemble Video contributors or administrators can access the “Views” report in the LMS to determine the most recent viewers of the video, how much of the video they watched and when they wanted the video.


Ensemble Anthem

Ability to Add Text: The newest version of Ensemble Anthem allows users to add text notes on the screen during their Anthem capture.


Custom Image for Titles and Credits: Ensemble Anthem users can upload custom images to use as background images for their Titles and Credits.


System Audio: Ensemble Anthem & Ensemble Anthem Pro, our software screen capture tool now supports recording of system audio. For example, instructors can record the audio from YouTube videos they are projecting on the classroom computer.


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