Using the Sakai Integration


On your homepage on Sakai, click on Resources on the side menu.


On the resources page, click Actions then Create HTML Page from the drop-down menu.


On the new page, click on the button that corresponds to the LTI tools that have been added. You will be able to choose from the selection of current tools. Click on the one for Ensemble Video.


Here, you can Choose Media, Playlist, Dropbox, or Quiz. These are all selected in the same fashion. Find the item you would like to insert, and click on Choose.


Here, you can choose between Video Link or Video Player. When done, press Save.

Note: We suggest only using Video Link as Video Player will also just insert a link at this current time and still won't track any reporting data for viewers.


After pressing Save, Sakai will notify you if the items were valid. Press OK to continue.


You will now see the editor with the video link. Make any necessary edits, then press Continue.


Give the HTML page and insert any other necessary information before continuing. When opening the page, it will show just the video link.


Clicking the link will open the chosen content in a new tab.


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