Set up the Sakai Integration


On Sakai, click on Site Info on the side menu.


On the site info page, click on External Tools from the selection of tabs.


This page shows all installed tools on the site. Click on Install LTI 1.1 Tool in the top right hand corner to add a new tool.


Before continuing, make sure you have an LTI Configuration or Sakai. If not, create one now. You will need this information to set up the integration.


Clicking Install LTI 1.1 Tool opens the window to add the information to implement the tool. Name the tool something descriptive, such as Ensemble Video Chooser. Allow the title to be changed. You can choose a custom icon, such as a Play Button or something else pertaining to video to help make the tool visible. Button Text should be descriptive as well, so input the same information you put for the Tool Title. Do not allow button text to be changed.


Description is optional. Tool Status should be enabled. You will get the Launch URL, Launch Key, and Launch Secret from the configuration set up earlier in Ensemble Video. These will be titled Launch URL, Consumer Key, and Shared Secret respectively on Ensemble. Copy and paste those directly into their corresponding spaces. Do not allow them to be changed. Nothing needs to be input for Frame Height or Tool Order. 



Next, select Show Configuration Dialog. For Privacy Settings, make sure both options are checked. Services needs nothing checked for it. Check all three boxes for what the tool can handle.


Select Allow popup to be changed, and Allow debug mode to be changed. Custom Parameters are not needed, and make sure that Sign Launch with SHA-1 is checked.


When finished, press Save. The tool is then ready to be used by users.

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