Player Guide


The Ensemble Video player has sightly different qualities depending on how you are viewing it.

Full Player

The full player is accessed through permalink as well as expanding the embedded player through the proper button.


Embedded Player

The embedded player will show up slightly different depending on the size of the embed. The tabs on the top will display images if smaller, and words if larger. You can go into the full size player at any time by clicking the button 2018-08-30_1157.png in the top right corner.



Player Controls


  • Play/Pause
    • 2018-08-29_1111_001.png
    • Allows user to start and pause the video at any time.
  • Rewind 10 Seconds
    • 2018-08-29_1112.png
    • Allows user to navigate backwards in the video in 10 second segments. 
  • Volume
    • 2018-08-29_1112_001.png
    • Allows user to adjust volume levels or mute/unmute the video.
  • Audio Description
    • 2018-08-29_1112_002.png 
    • Allows user to change the volume or mute the audio description of a video (if available).
  • Time
    • 2018-08-29_1301.png
    • Shows the current time of the video next to the total time of the video.
  • Closed Captions
    • 2018-08-29_1112_003.png
    • Allows user to enable/disable the captions of a video (if available).
  • Quality
    • 2018-08-29_1113.png
    • Allows user to switch between Standard Definition and High Definition qualities (if available).
  • Settings
    • 2018-08-29_1113_001.png
    • Allows user to edit playback speed.
  • Full Screen
    • 2018-08-29_1113_002.png
    • Allows user to view the video in full screen.
  • Dual Stream
    • 2018-08-29_1113_003.png
    • Allows user to change dual stream layout (if available).


  • Options
    • 2018-08-30_1124.png
    • Expands view of tabs in full size view.
  • About
    • 2018-08-30_1122.png 2018-08-30_1133.png 2018-08-30_1139.png
    • Shows information about the video, including attachments and links if available.
  • Annotations
    • 2018-08-30_1122_001.png 2018-08-30_1133_001.png 2018-08-30_1139_001.png
    • Displays any/all annotations available on the video if available.
  • Transcript
    • 2018-08-30_1122_002.png 2018-08-30_1136.png 2018-08-30_1139_002.png
    • Displays the transcript of the video if available.
  • Viewers
    • 2018-08-30_1122_003.png 2018-08-30_1136_001.png 2018-08-30_1139_003.png 
    • Displays any viewers and the percentage watched.

Dual Streaming

In version 4.5, Ensemble Video welcomed the Matrox Monarch LCS into Ensemble Studio. The integration has been expanded with dual-stream recording and dynamic playback in version 4.6. Previously, the picture-in-picture or side-by-side layout required a fixed, pre-selected layout. Now, when utilizing dual-stream recording with the Monarch LCS, the layout is selectable in the player.

With the player, you have the ability to change the layout at any time while watching the video. At first, the video player will show up with the options closed. Click on the Dual Streaming button 2018-08-29_1113_003.png to open the layout options. 


In order, from left to right:

  • Main Video (The instructor, in this case)
  • Secondary Video (Presentation)
  • Side by Side
  • Side by Side (Opposite sides)
  • Main Video - Top Left
  • Main Video - Bottom Left
  • Main Video - Top Right
  • Main Video - Bottom Right 

In the above image, the setup is Main Video - Top Left. This will allow the user to watch both videos while focusing on the Presentation with the instructor as the smaller video. While watching the video, the user may change the layout at any time. This is helpful if the small video is covering some information in one corner, and it can easily be moved to a different corner to then display the information if they wish to keep both videos in this layout.

Below is an example of the side by side streaming.



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