New Features

  • Responsive redesign of Ensemble Video user interface
  • Ability to bulk delete content
  • New grid layout option for browsing content
  • Ability to display more than 10 results per page when browsing content
  • Searchable Institution, Organization and Library dropdowns
  • Ability to optionally copy annotations when copying content

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fix for ABR streaming when encodings are deleted
  • Enhancement for “Show Featured Category” portal functionality
  • Enhancement for reporting exceptions handling
  • Hide "Private" section in Portal when no private content is available
  • Fix for issue when adding Portal channel restrictions
  • Fix for adding more than 10 channels to a Portal
  • Fix for rendering of Mp3 content without a preview image
  • Removed playback speed control buttons for IOS devices in JW Player (not supported)
  • Fixed Flowplayer playback issue on Firefox
  • Fix for Portal displaying deleted content
  • Added “PC Only” label to Auto Play embed and permalink options (not supported on mobile devices)
  • Misc fixes for IE 8
  • Fix for missing Link option in player menu
  • Removed "Powered By" logo
  • Reporting UI fixes
  • Additional fixes for reusable permalinks
  • Fix to automatically select appropriate organization in Workflow Templates; path fixes for trailing slashes
  • Removed wizard logo from Branding
  • Fixed performance issue for plugin loading
  • Fix for serving HTTP external content in plugin
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