New Features

  • Integration with Amara caption editor
  • Caption file validation
  • Support for VTT caption file format with JW Player
  • Bulk Publishing
  • Content cleanup features (see below)
  • Ability to sort content in Media Library
  • Option to hide Live Stream menu item
  • Addition of portal Logout link for LDAP users
  • Safe Institutional Delete
    • No longer able to delete Institution if there are Organizations assigned to that Institution
    • All Organizations must be deleted or moved to another Institution before the parent Institution can be removed
  • Safe Organization Delete
    • In order to delete an Organization, administrators need to insert additional confirmation CAPTCHA code

Content Cleanup

  • Tombstone Life-cycle of Deleted Items (Cleanup Service)
    • When a user “deletes” a video through the web interface, administrators can configure how long that deleted item will remain in the system before it is permanently removed from the DB and file system
    • The EV Service will run a garbage collection process once a day and process any files that are older than the Tombstone Life-cycle setup by the System administrator
  • Undelete
    • After a user has “deleted” a video (through EV UI) but before the video has been removed by the garbage collection process, the user will be allowed to see all their deleted content that is still “recoverable” on the system
    • The user can undelete the recoverable items which will restore the video back to the library as well as all associated metadata, assets, etc
  • Permanent Delete
    • User is able after “soft” delete to do Permanent Delete and remove all related items for content (Media file(s), Assets and everything from database) through the web interface
  • Report for Deleted Items
  • Logging
    • User is able to see logs under Logs tab that include which contents are “soft” deleted (recoverable) contents, “hard” deleted (unrecoverable) contents and contents deleted by cleanup service after tombstone life-cycle

Improvements and Fixes

  • Fixed auto-publish issue when category is deleted
  • iTunes support for additional audio file types
  • Removed duplicate content deleted message
  • Content duration removed from JW Player for live streams
  • Stream url security fixes
  • Fix for JW Player RTMPE and RTMPS streaming
  • Fix to use audio preview image from branding
  • Fix for portal private channels loading on home page
  • Portal category links added to page structure
  • Fix for issue with truncated Organization name in workflow path resulting in unplayable video on mobile devices
  • Fix incorrect item count in Shared Library
  • Fix to only display Shibboleth login link when configured for Institution
  • API updates to support secured content download


Hotfix 1

  • Fixed issue processing files larger than 2GB during content cleanup
  • Fixed issue with log file handling in Service V2
  • Fixed issue with Portal style color picker

Hotfix 2

  • Fix to add file extension on caption download and added clickable download option
  • Fix to remove cue settings from VTT files during upload as they are not currently supported by shipped JW Player version
  • Permission fix to allow content download for authenticated users with editor or above role regardless of publish status
  • Fix to normalize VTT line endings on upload, given that those with mixed line endings (CRLF/CR/LF) can result in captions not displaying in shipped JW Player version
  • Fixed issue preventing download of large content items
  • Fixed issue preventing uploads in libraries created from a template which uses a transcode content type extension when no transcoder is available
  • Fix for reporting breaking under non-US locales

Hotfix 3

  • Fix to enable/disable cleanup service through the UI
  • Added configuration to start cleanup service at specific time

Hotfix 4

  • Added Audio Preview Image option for individual permalink
  • Changed restrictions logging level from INFO to DEBUG

Hotfix 5

  • Created configurable embed templates.
  • Fix for blank/invisible captions due to null FontOpacity.

Hotfix 6

  • Fix for permalink overflow.
  • Fixed YouTube authentication regression.

Hotfix 7

  • Fixed performance issue for plugin loading.

Hotfix 8

  • Fixed issue with SMIL file long path.

Hotfix 9

  • Fixed handling of paged video urls response in Amara client.

Hotfix 10

  • Fix for reporting data cleanup job.

Hotfix 11

  • Fix for breaking change in Amara API.
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