New Features

  • Addition of Ensemble Anthem for screen capture and web cam recordings.
  • User and Permissions management interface and back-end framework redesign.
  • License framework redesign.
  • Support for CAS authentication for on-premise and private cloud installations.
  • Status indicator for background services.
  • Ability to search captions within captioned video (optional feature; available for JW Player only).
  • Ability to clone media workflows.
  • Added new System workflow type at Organization and Library levels.
  • Added new Collaaj workflow type at Library level.
  • Automatic generation of Live Stream/Capture workflows.
  • Ability to disable login form auto-completion for installation.

Improvements and Fixes

  • Reporting cleanup process improvements.
  • Fixed issue with SMIL file naming due to 255 character limitation.
  • Fixed issue causing delay during initial plugin load.
  • Preview/Thumbnail sizing improvements.
  • Default responsive vs non-responsive selection for embed mode is now configurable.
  • Improvements to rendering of external content within plugin.
  • Upload chunk size can be configured in application settings.
  • Addition of "Webinar" as genre option.
  • Open Broadcaster configuration performance tweak.
  • Security enhancement to prevent site framing.
  • Added search capability to library multi-select in sharing UI.
  • Secured password fields for all workflows, including Wowza Admin password and UNC path passwords.
  • Fixed issue with dates displayed in showcase mode vs. playlist mode.
  • Fixed issue with Dropbox url is not rendering properly on iPhone 5.
  • Resolved issue with unicode video title (metadata) being corrupted by edit.
  • Fixed Media Storage report sorting issues.
  • Resolved issue with search returning bad results.
  • JW Player is now default for newly created institutions.



Hotfix 1

  • Fix for colorpicker
  • Fix for bulk delete users
  • Improved filtering for resource types on user permissions form
  • License validation error message changed on bulk permissions form

Hotfix 2

  • Fix for total content count on License page
  • New Ensemble Anthem Mac build
  • Resolved "cannot read property of null" issue in plugin.js causing videos not to load

Hotfix 3

  • Fix for Shiboleth identity provider users management
  • Fix for null reference in Dropbox

Hotfix 4

  • Fix for Portal Live Stream Preview/Thumbnails.
  • Fix for attachment icons alignment in About Tab Preview.
  • Fix for System workflow and Live workflow update actions.

Hotfix 5

  • Fixed styling regression for external players in plugin.

Hotfix 6

  • Fixed role based authorization for users.
  • Fix for users management - edit on double click.
  • Fixed issue with plugin loading in IE 8.
  • Fixed issue for Upload Directory Workflows with UNC Paths.
  • Fixed performance issue for plugin loading.

Hotfix 7

  • Fixed directory path trim issue for system template workflow

Hotfix 8

  • Added IsBatch and IsDefault parameters to upload handler to better support import of existing encodings.

Hotfix 9

  • Shibboleth fixes to respect mapping of username attribute and to support domain hierarchy traversal when searching for matching IDP.

Hotfix 10

  • Fix for Portal Channel LDAP restrictions.
  • Fix for Worfklow update.
  • Fix for LDAP username replacement during User creation.
  • Fixed broken User modification when Enforce Password Strength is disabled.

Hotfix 11

  • Fixed paging in Automatic Sync Access.

Hotfix 12

  • Fixed issue in Mac version (2.0) of Ensemble Anthem.

Hotfix 13

  • Fixed LDAP Playlist restrictions.

Hotfix 14

  • Fixed issue where Add button is missing.

Hotfix 15

  • Fix for missing User Permissions.

Hotfix 16

  • Fix for iTunes Feed - Adding Category and Language nodes to Feed XML.
  • Fix for Chrome Auto Complete while creating Upload Directory media workflow.

Hotfix 17

  • Fixed handling of paged video urls response in Amara client.

Hotfix 18

  • Fix for user default library change.

Hotfix 19

  • Fix for System Administrator user permissions.

Hotfix 20

  • Fixed javascript error in content captions.

Hotfix 21

  • Fix for breaking change in Amara API.
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