New Features

Improvements and Fixes

  • JW Player version upgrade to 7.5.2
  • Default to HLS streaming (controllable within player configuration)
  • Support for temporary data folder over UNC
  • Content State refactoring to enhance scalability and performance
  • Support for distributed logging
  • Reporting data storage and performance improvements
  • Cleanup of additional content artificts after permanent deletion
  • Support for cleanup of unused thumbnails
  • Addition of video title overlay in player
  • JS/CSS bundling to improve load times
  • LTI media picker support for Schoology


Hotfix 1

  • Fix for bad Zencoder SourceUrl
  • Fix for Watch Directory logging
  • Fix for content preview fullscreen toggle
  • Added versioning to jwplayer flash script

Hotfix 2

  • Fix for missing Average Percentage Viewed column in Users Viewing Details report
  • Fix for Logs loading performance
  • Fix for FLV streaming using HLS protocol

Hotfix 3

  • Fix for branding repository IsDeleted ambiguity
  • Fixed issue with Bulk Add User async handling
  • Culture-sensitive datetime parsing fix in watch directory processing
  • Fix for reporting cleanup
  • Fix for plugin loading from playlist

Hotfix 4

  • Fix for Automatic Captions incorrectly reporting usage.
  • Fix for Ensemble Studio - Auto recordings.
  • Removed unnecessary Automatic Captions logged exception.
  • Fix for SMIL file generation.

Hotfix 5

  • Watch directory processing fix to skip unprocessable files.

Hotfix 6

  • Fix for Licensing Date format.

Hotfix 7

  • Fix for Live Streaming performance.
  • Fixes for Automatic Captions reporting.
  • Fix for content title encoding in Player.
  • Added custom Player errors for Flash plugin issues.

Hotfix 8

  • Fix for Portal content preview.

Hotfix 9

  • Fix for Anthem download OS-detection in LTI tool.
  • RTMP streaming protocol forced for Live Streaming.

Hotfix 10

  • Fix for Automatic Captions audio upload timeouts.
  • Fix for caption searching issue prior to video playback.

Hotfix 11

  • Fix for captions special characters rendering in JW Player.
  • Fixed LTI embed issue triggering missing image detection in Blackboard.
  • Fix for playlist custom permalink.
  • Fix for Logs page pagination.

Hotfix 12

  • Fix for Automatic Captions permissions.
  • Fix for Reporting page in offline mode.
  • Fix for Logs page for non US region.

Hotfix 13

  • Fix missing copyright metadata issue in watch directory shadow file processing.
  • Fix for Ensemble Anthem playback if library name contains e-mail.

Hotfix 14

  • Fix for thumbnail generation job that can cause Service V2 crash in some cases.

Hotfix 15

  • Fix to add branding redirect to portal.

Hotfix 16

  • Fixed javascript error in content captions.

Hotfix 17

  • Fix for breaking change in Amara API.
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