New Features

Improvements and Fixes

  • Switch to player-based reporting for near real-time user statistics
  • Portal redesign
  • Service startup improvements
  • Support for nested LDAP groups for auto-provisioning and content security
  • Removed internet dependencies (for on-premise installations w/ no internet connectivity)
  • Added caption search and annotations to content preview
  • JW Player upgrade to 7.7.4
  • Added prompt before resubmit to Automatic Captions to avoid undesirable/accidental submission
  • License message change to reduce confusion
  • Ensemble Anthem version upgrade and extended recording limit to 4 hours
  • Removed HTML from content title
  • Fixes for Automatic Captions default permission handling
  • Fixed issue w/ double-encoding of content title
  • Fix to allow re-use of custom permalink
  • Performance improvements to reduce socket and thread usage



Hotfix 1

  • Fix for Monarch LCS 'RETRY' status handling
  • Fix for Organization Genres reset
  • Updated error page for failed Shibboleth authentication

Hotfix 2

  • Updated setup timeout for Jw Player

Hotfix 3

  • Fix for captions search in Portal
  • Fix for content preview load

Hotfix 4

  • Fix for breaking change in Amara API
  • Fix for Portal Comments
  • Fix for Portal Responsiveness

Hotfix 5

  • Jw Player upgrade to 7.8.4

Hotfix 6

  • Fix for restricted streaming

Hotfix 7

  • Fix for Live Streaming HLS performance
  • Handling for Encoder Url for Live Streaming
  • Permissions fix for removable roles

Hotfix 8

  • Fix for Restricted Streaming with HLS over HTTPS
  • Fix for IE plugin load

Hotfix 9

  • Fix for Javasrcipt embed performance
  • Added Encoding URL field to Live Stream/Live Capture and Ensemble Studio workflows

Hotfix 10

  • Fix for Transcoding Profiles deletion
  • Reprorting pages load improvement

Hotfix 11

  • Fix for captions rendering for Javascript embeds

Hotfix 12

  • Fix for Ensamble Anthem (Windows) update to version 2.3

Hotfix 13

  • Added possibility to add multiple words to one keyword

Hotfix 14

  • Player upgraded to 7.9.3 version (fix for mp3 streaming with Live Broadcast message)

Hotfix 15

  • LTI size selection fix.
  • Fix for Caption Search in IE 11.
  • Fixed YouTube publishing availability beyond just watch and upload workflows.
  • Fixed issue with YouTube credentials form submission.
  • Fixed Permanent Delete for Live Stream contents.
  • Fixed Update for Live Stream / Live Capture and Ensemble studio workflows if Wowza password is not changed.
  • Fix for "/" trim at the end of the Http Urls for Live Stream / Live Capture and Ensemble Studio workflows.

Hotfix 16

  • Service stability improvement.

Hotfix 17

  • Jw Player upgrade to 7.10.2.
  • Fix for Embedded Captions rendering.
  • Focus set on Player area for better accessibility.
  • Fix for Workflow templates validation.
  • Fix for Portal search.

Hotfix 18

  • Fixed logging and concurrency issue w/ Ingest Directory Worker process.

Hotfix 19

  • Fixed Player accessibility focus issue causing browser to "jump" to embed during page load.

Hotfix 20

  • Fix for security vulnerability.

Hotfix 21

  • Fix for regression in content copy.

Hotfix 22

  • Fix for security vulnerability.
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