New Features

  • Spanish language support throughout Ensemble Video


Hotfix 1

  • Minor localization fixes

Hotfix 2

  • Fix for web address restrictions for individual content item permalink
  • Fix for portal categories page if user is logged as LDAP user (not auto-provisioned)
  • Improved processing of Ingest Directory shadow files
  • Fix for updating admin user after fresh install

Hotfix 3

  • Fix for Editor role - delete operation shouldn't be supported
  • UI improvement for new security
  • Fix for MAC issues related to DateTime formats

Hotfix 4

  • Additional UI improvement for new security

Hotfix 5

  • Performance fixes to reduce Session locking
  • Automatic Captions update to remove upstream media after job completion
  • Updated DotNetCasClient library version with fix for potential redirect loop
  • Fixed url handling regression in AST job submissions
  • Portal Load Improvement

Hotfix 6

  • Fix for issues causing intermittent playback failure in plugin
  • Fix for Live Stream player 404 issue in case when Live Stream is not active
  • Fix for dual content fixed iframe embed thumbnail size

Hotfix 7

  • Fix for displaying portal comment section for not provisioned users
  • Fix for tracking playback for not provisioned users and displaying full name for User Viewing Details report
  • Fix for profile change password
  • Fix for timeout when attempting to bulk caption

Hotfix 8

  • Update for Security restrictions

Hotfix 9

  • Fix for reporting performance issue potentially causing sql timeouts
  • Fix for Shibboleth regression in hotfix 7 requiring all mapped attributes to be sent during authentication
  • Fix for live stream upload when agent or credits are present on live stream item

Hotfix 10

  • Fix for Upload Handler performance related to issue with mPlayer data folder filling up
  • Fix for Automatic Captions report (missing some column values)

Hotfix 11

  • Fix for Dual content audio sync issue
  • Fix for Dual recording processing when stream interruption occurs
  • Fix to handle filenames with illegal characters during upload

Hotfix 12

  • Minor fix for Studio volume handling when switching between single view and PIP

Hotfix 14

  • Fix for Studio recurrent recordings (start processing)
  • Fix for Dual Content recording (sql deadlock on streaming API)
  • Fix for Daylight Saving Time conversion to UTC (Studio, Dropbox, Content)
  • Player upgrade to 7.12.3 (fix for captions in Firefox and Safari)

Hotfix 15

  • Fix for Dual Content initial volume mute setup

Hotfix 16

  • Fix for creating organizations if Live Stream/Live Capture/Ensemble Studio workflows doesn’t exist anymore on the institution level
  • Fix for deleting organizations if they are created with errors caused by missing Live Stream/Live Capture/Ensemble Studio workflows on institution level
  • Fix for displaying reporting data caused by time zone in combination with Date Range picker

Hotfix 17

  • Fix for reports exporting using the latest Mozilla Firefox
  • Fix for reports content duration

Hotfix 18

  • Fix for regression in content copy

Hotfix 19

  • Option to force CDN for all Live streams (if CDN is defined)

Hotfix 20

  • Fix for Live Streaming reporting

Hotfix 21

  • Fix for Dual Streaming (SQL deadlock issue)

Hotfix 22

  • Security vulnerability fix

Hotfix 23

  • Resolved issue causing Automatic Captions to fail during content upload

Hotfix 24

  • Fix for API regression in previous hotfix 23 caused by outdated dll
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