New Features

Improvements and Fixes

  • Accessibility Improvements
    • Interactive Transcript (formerly Caption Search)
      • Improved UI which includes ability to download transcript
    • Keyboard Accessibility improvements
    • HTML modifications for improved accessibility
    • Improved screen reader support
  • Image Gallery redesign
    • Support for download of gallery images
  • Logging improvements
    • Improved Logging UI and log entry message details
  • LTI Chooser
  • License UI consolidation
  • Addition of Content Security support for JavaScript embeds
  • Automatic Sync refactoring to improve request handling
  • Moved Service application settings to database
  • Various SQL performance improvements
  • Backend support for Caption localization
  • Portal and Media Library loading performance improvements



Hotfix 1

  • Database fix for Workflow properties
  • Fix for dual fixed iFrame embed

Hotfix 2

  • Fixed audio streaming issue for IE
  • Security vulnerability fix
  • Fixed data provider path handling for Rhozet
  • Resolved bad Automatic Sync sql query causing Captions tab to fail to load
  • Fixed login restriction handling to not force provisioning

Hotfix 3

  • Fixed sql syntax error in AST which prevents access to feature for certain users
  • Fixed sql syntax error in Portal causing some shared content not to display
  • Fix for Portal login restriction issue causing channels not to display
  • Minor tweak to avoid exception logged for Automatic Captions IsLanguageSupported
  • Image Gallery optimization
  • Studio fixes for Dual content processing
  • Studio fix for Monthly, Weekly and Bi-Weekly schedule recurrence
  • Studio fix for Daylight Saving Time adjustment that is affecting schedule recurrent recordings

Hotfix 4

  • Performance improvement for Viewers Report recent results requests
  • Fixed exception preventing Institution update
  • Fixes for potential XSS vulnerabilities reported by scans
  • Updated Amara logo
  • Restricted Streaming for Live CDN
  • Studio enhancements for Ad Hoc recordings

Hotfix 5

  • Studio refresh functionality improvements
  • Fix to open CAS/Shib logins in new window for restricted content

Hotfix 6

  • Fix for plugin resize
  • Fix for Live Streaming URL length
  • Fixed potential rendering of plaintext password when "Disable Autofill On Login Form" setting is enabled
  • Fixed potential XSS vulnerability on embed page
  • Performance improvement for Portal page loads
  • Removed HD button for dual content when transcoding is not set
  • Fixed dual content transcoding using Zencoder

Hotfix 7

  • Studio fix for handling recording end

Hotfix 8

  • Fix to logout to branding url rather than default page
  • Fixed bad edit url for LTI Configurations from Institution actions dropdown
  • Playlist/content restriction handling updates for Safari third-party cookie limitations
  • Localization handling updates to eliminate redirect loops caused by Safari third-party cookie limitations

Hotfix 9

  • Added videoFullID node to playlist simple API
  • Added ability to download content from portal
  • Reporting fix for systems with large number of libraries (more than 2100)

Hotfix 10

  • Added logic for Studio Ad Hoc recording auto recovery in case of failure after initial recording start
  • Fix for Studio stream key validation during stream start
  • Fix for Studio "Failed to retrieve configuration" error
  • Studio streaming defaulted to RTMP instead of RTMPS due to invalid media duration issue

Hotfix 11

  • Fix for studio Ad Hoc recording auto recovery due to invalid stream status
  • Recording type filtered stored in cookie for better user experience
  • Removed Studio Stop button for 5 minutes at the begging when status is Configuring Stream
  • Studio fix for "Cannot open resource for writing" issue
  • Studio fix for recorded content media options links
  • Fix for ABR SMIL file generation during content processing
  • Studio fix for ending recording

Hotfix 12

  • Studio fix for stream interruption caused by service status update job
  • Added handling for playback in case when encodings are not processed
  • Studio fix for mixed up recordings

Hotfix 13

  • LTI link item fix to properly send viewer information on initial launch
  • Fix for plugin loading for individual legacy embed where UseIFrame option is set to true
  • Studio fix for stopping recording where sometime API would return Failed and actually it should be Ready
  • Studio fix for stopping exceeded recordings

Hotfix 14

  • Fix for login restriction handling to not require provisioned accounts
  • Fix to allow modification of PO field for Automatic Sync accounts after creation
  • Resolved issue causing uploads to fail when Automatic Captions are disabled
  • Date/time formatting fix in the LTI Chooser tool

Hotfix 15

  • Fix to allow passwords w/ leading/trailing whitespace
  • Fix to handle additional query params sent by Blackboard for Playlist permalinks in Blackboard tool menu
  • Fix to handle date produced setting for Playlist permalinks

Hotfix 16

  • Fix for plugin logo image trasparency
  • Fix for Automatic Captions manage functionality

Hotfix 17

  • Fixed potential XSS vulnerability in plugin JavaScript embeds
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