Zoom Integration


Zoom is a video conferencing software that allows users to host meetings at the click of a button. With Ensemble 5.1, there is now an integration between Zoom and Ensemble Video. The integration has the ability to ingest Zoom conference video recordings directly into Ensemble, which can then be published to any LMS, CMS, or website!

Note: Only paid Zoom accounts can enable the Ensemble Video Zoom Integration. 

Ensemble Video Workflow Setup

Admins can create a template at the Organizational or Institutional level, then use the templates to create Media Workflows as needed. For more information, see the documents on Workflows and Workflow Templates. Please note that if you create a Zoom Workflow template, with any subsequent change you make you have the option to push those changes down to lower level Zoom Workflow Template/Library Media Workflows if you have chosen to enable that option.


Once the Org Workflow Template has been added, then Org Admins can add Media Workflow at Library level and Add users.

Institutional or Organization Workflow Templates

For Institution Template navigate to Administration->System->Workflow Templates.

For Organization Template navigate to Administration->Institutions->Workflow Templates.

When you are on the Workflow Templates page, select Add+ then Zoom. 


There is an ability to customize Title and Description if needed. You can enter text and also may use variables like {{MeetingTopic}}.

Next, you will need to acquire three bits of information from Zoom:

  • Zoom API URL
  • Zoom API Key
  • Zoom API Secret


Zoom App Marketplace - API URL, API Key, and API Secret

To find this information, go to https://marketplace.zoom.us/ and sign in with your Zoom account.


After logging in, click Manage. This will show you the apps you have available.

If you do not see the application of JWT type, you need to build it. Click Develop and choose Build App. Provide App Name, for example, developer.zoom.us API or Ensemble API. Turn off "Intend to publish this app on Zoom Marketplace". In Choose app type select Account-level app.  Choose authentication type: JWT API Credentials. Click Create when ready.


On the next screen provide Basic Information and Developer Contact Info:
App Name: developer.zoom.us API
Company Name: Ensemble Video
Name : your name
Email Address: your email address


Click Continue. Make sure that the information is saved.

Click Manage and then cl ick on the name of the Ensemble app (e.g. developer.zoom.us API) to continue.


Here, click on App Credentials. Here you will find the API Key and API Secret. Copy and paste that information into the proper place on Ensemble Video. The API URL is:



After all three - API URL, API Key, and API Secret - have been inserted on the workflow page on Ensemble Video, decide which settings you would like to choose to enable or disable, then press Save.

  • Retrieve Recordings 30 Days Old
    • Ensemble will ingest any videos that exist on Zoom that are 30 days or less old.
  • Remove Recordings
    • Ensemble will communicate with Zoom to put any videos ingested into the trash on Zoom. These videos can be retrieved from the trash for 30 days before being permanently deleted.
  • Auto Create
    • Check this if you want a Media Workflow based on this Template to be automatically created when a new Library is created within the Organization.
  • Enable
    • Enables or Disables the integration

Note: Checkboxes cannot be changed at a lower level.


Specifying Zoom Users in Ensemble Video

Once you have created the Zoom Workflow Template at the Organization level, you can easily add it to any Library through Admin->Library->Media Workflows. Just click +Add to add a new workflow and select the Zoom template you created at the Organization level.

At the library level you specify the Zoom user email addresses for users where you will be ingesting content.


You will have to add Zoom user account email addresses for users that will be using this integration. 

On the lower left hand side, you can find Zoom user accounts who have Ensemble Video accounts to easily add them for Zoom ingest into the current library. 

On the lower right hand side is a listing of Active users -- they are set up for Zoom ingest for the current library. There is also an option to manually enter Zoom user account if you need to configure ingest for a Zoom user account where there is no corresponding Ensemble Video account. 


On lower left-hand side you see a listing of Ensemble Video users who have Zoom accounts and also access to the current Library.  


You can click on one or more of those users, then click on the Add Users button, and those users will be validated and added for ingestion into the list of Active Users on the right hand side. 


 You can use the Library Dropdown to show all Ensemble Video users who have Zoom accounts for the entire Institution. If you get a long list you can enter search string to find the user you are looking for 



If you want to ingest Zoom recordings into a library from a Zoom user that does not have an Ensemble Video account, you can add the email address of that Zoom user on the right hand side. Just enter the Zoom account email address and click the + Plus button to add them to the list of Active Users.


Note that Zoom integration only works for Zoom with cloud-recordings, as local recordings will and cannot be digested. Admins can set up cloud-recording for users, this can be to auto-record all meetings, or give users access to record when they want to. Whenever user records a meeting, the meeting will be ingested into their library.  

Additionally, if you create Captions in Zoom, they will also be ingested. If you use the transcribe option, those will also be ingested as VTT file and if captions are not available, the transcription will be used as caption file and be exposed in our Interactive transcript feature.

Note: Ingesting Closed Caption files will not work if recording has restrictions such as the recording has a password, download is disabled or only host can download recordings.


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