LMS Gradebook Integration


Ensemble 5.1 brings the LMS Gradebook integration to the table. Grades from quizzes will be sent directly to the gradebook on your LMS of choice. A quick configuration option for Blackboard and Canvas is now available, and it may also be used on Moodle - or any basic LTI link for anyone who has a tool that accepts it.


For the Blackboard integration, no update is required. After a quiz is taken, the grade will show up in the gradebook. Simply post your quiz like in Using the Blackboard LTI Integration article.

Note: This only works for Quizzes and does not include Playlists or anything else in the plugin at this time.



Using the gradebook with Brightspace/D2L is super simple. Once the tool has been set up, any posted quizzes will report the grades directly to the gradebook.

Note: This only works for Quizzes and does not include Playlists or anything else in the plugin at this time.

Read about using the tool in the Using the Brightspace by Desire2Learn Plugin article.



The gradebook works per assignments for registered Canvas accounts. To add a graded assignment, go to assignments. Next, click on +Assignment.


Now, scroll down until you find Submission Type. Click on the dropdown and select External Tool. Then, click on Find.


Tools that have the gradebook enabled (the updated XML) will show up with a magnifying glass. Currently, we are only supporting quizzes for the gradebook integration.


Once launched, it will look like just adding a normal quiz. Select the quiz you would like to add, then press Choose.


Next, press Save.


After choosing a video, the tool will be set up. Just press Select to finish the process.


When you are done setting up your quiz and changing any necessary settings, press Save or Save & Publish depending on what you wish to do with it.


After the quiz is taken, the grades will then be put in the gradebook.



No extra setup is needed for using the gradebook on moodle. Simply post your quiz like in Using the Moodle Plugin (LTI) article.

When submitted, the quiz grade will then be added to the gradebook.



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