Ensemble Video 5.1 Version Summary


Ensemble Video 5.1 continues our focus on developing tools and features that enhance, teaching, learning and communication.  In 5.1 we released a FREE Screen Recorder Chrome Extension, Multi-Language Captioning, Video Quiz LMS Gradebook Integration, Video Quiz Enhancements and an integration with Zoom (a popular web conferencing solution).


Multi-Language Captioning

Multi-language captions are a great way to make your video accessible to everyone! Ensemble Video 5.1 allows you to add captions in several foreign languages. When viewers click the “CC” button on the Ensemble Video Player they are able to select their preferred caption language from a menu. Quelle surprise! Perfecto! 惊人! Learn how to use the multi-language captioning feature!

Multi-Language Captions

Automatic Multi-Language Captions

Ensemble Video customers can request automatic captions in French, German, Portuguese, Spanish (Mexican), Spanish (Spain), English (US), English (Australia), and English (Great Britain). Just remember that your content audio language must match your requested automatic caption language selection.

Amara Multi-Language Caption Editor

Ensemble Video customers can create and edit captions in Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish (Mexican), Spanish (Spain), English (US), and English (Great Britain).

Upload Multi-Language Caption Files

Ensemble Video customers can upload WebVTT and DFXP caption files in Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish (Mexican), Spanish (Spain), English (US), English (Australia), and English (Great Britain).


Ensemble Video Recorder Chrome Extension

Ensemble Video Recorder Chrome ExtensionThe FREE Ensemble Video Recorder (beta) Chrome Extension allows you to create screen and webcam recordings, then upload and instantly share your video using the Ensemble Video Platform. The Ensemble Video Recorder Chrome Extension does not depend on any external software so it runs on Chromebooks and Mac/Windows computers! Learn how to install and use the Chrome Extension!

Why use Ensemble Video Recorder?

Education: Simple screen capture for flipped classrooms and designed for Chromebooks.

Technology Support: Capture detailed on-screen experiences and no more repetitive explanatory emails.

Corporate Training: Create training videos for workforce and no more repetitive employee on-boarding.

Get the Ensemble Video Recorder Chrome Extension

Video Quiz Enhancements

Quiz Results integrated into the LMS Gradebook

Ensemble 5.1 extends our LMS and Quiz capabilities into the Gradebook for Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, and BrightSpace by D2L. After an instructor adds a video quiz to the LMS and a student takes the video quiz, the results from the video quiz will be sent directly to the Gradebook in the LMS. Learn more about the Video Quiz LMS Gradebook Integration!

LMS Gradebook Logos

LMS Gradebook Screenshots

User Registration for Quizzes

Our newest version supports a user registration option that will work for quiz takers without a username and password. When the User Registration in enabled, the quiz taker must enter their name and email. This is a great option for customers that want to enable quiz taking outside of the LMS, CMS or for non-authenticated users. If you are unfamiliar with Quiz Tracking, this features allows the quiz creator to select a user login option that will track which users are taking the quiz (along with their results).

Video Quiz User Registration

Duplicate Quiz, Copy Results, Tracking and Publishing

Video Quiz Copy Options

If you need to recreate a video quiz for another class or section, Ensemble Video allows you to easily make a copy. Now in Ensemble Video 5.1 you have to option to include the Quiz Results while retaining the Quiz Tracking and Playlist Publishing. Just click Copy and then choose your copy options, it’s simple!




Zoom Integration

Zoom is a video conferencing software that allows users to host meetings at the click of a button. With Ensemble 5.1, there is an integration between Zoom and Ensemble Video. The integration allows Zoom conference video recordings to be directly uploaded in Ensemble Video libraries so the Zoom recordings can be published to any LMS, CMS, or website! Learn how to configure the Zoom Integration!

Zoom Integration with Ensemble Video
Configure the Zoom Integration


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