New Features

  • Support for Multi-Language Captioning
  • New Ensemble Video Recorder Chrome Extension allowing screen recording and direct publishing to Ensemble Video
  • Integration with Zoom (https://zoom.us/) allowing direct ingest of video conference recordings
  • LMS Gradebook integration for Quiz link items

Improvements and Fixes

  • Quizzing support for user registration form (for tracking of non-provisioned and unauthenticated Quiz takers)
  • Support for Quiz copying, optionally including results, tracking and publishing settings
  • Addition of LTI Configuration XML for Blackboard to simplify configuration of Basic LTI Building Block
  • Cross-library search of Media and Playlists within the LTI Chooser
  • Performance fix for Media Cleanup report


Hotfix 1

  • Fixed broken title and link for LTI Configurations from Institution action menu
  • Added missing cache.config file reference to CAS web.config
  • Fixed issue loading Captcha modal due to path casing in Settings
  • Fixed javascript issue breaking bulk publishing to YouTube
  • Fix for content preview when library security is turned on
  • Fix to copy captions during content copy

Hotfix 2

  • Added support for Live ABR 'Passthrough' template encode option
  • Fix for Live Capture, Studio, Anthem, Zoom and Ensemble Live App ABR transcoding

Hotfix 3

  • Fixed LTI chooser load issue in IE
  • Fix for failed authentication after branding redirect due to issuer validation

Hotfix 4

  • Fix for processing new Zoom Recording Type

Hotfix 5

  • Fix for Zoom auto publish

Hotfix 6

  • Fix for Amara versioning

Hotfix 7

  • Fix for Upload when Automatic Captions are disabled
  • License - Fix for editing Ensemble Studio and Ensemble Anthem institution licenses for different user date formats
  • Media Cleanup Reporting - Added Institution, Organization and Library columns and fixed data for Last Viewed, Total Views, Avg Daily Views and Avg Percent Viewed columns

Hotfix 8

  • Fixed potential XSS vulnerability in plugin JavaScript embeds
  • Fix for woff2 mimetype mapping in settings app web.config

Hotfix 9

  • Fix for trim and playback when changing upload workflow for Ensemble Studio, Live Capture, Live Stream, Ensemble Anthem, Ingest, Chrome Recorder and Zoom workflows
  • Ensemble Anthem V2.7 for Windows - sync issues have been fixed in this version
  • Fixed issue handling large identifiers in Zencoder client library

Hotfix 10

  • Fix for Simple API regression causing unavailability of caption record for content items
    Screencast 2.4 for Windows

Hotfix 11

  • Fix for potential security vulnerability in LTI launch

Hotfix 12

  • Fix for Zoom processing and CC download

Hotfix 13

  • Fix for portal channel loading performance issue in Institution settings

Hotfix 14

  • Fix Trim if original content has file name with Uppercase extension.

Hotfix 15

  • Fix for processing Audio Transcripts if "Remove Recording from Zoom After Ingest" is selected
  • Fix for processing recordings if file size is > 2.1GB

Hotfix 16

  • YouTube integration update to remove dependency on deprecated Google+ API

Hotfix 17

  • Added support for loading permalink plugin by short content id

Hotfix 18

  • Download fix for Chrome Recorder contents from Media Library page

Hotfix 19

  • Zoom - Reduced API Calls to get UserSettings

Hotfix 20

  • Fix for content web address restriction check when accessed through playlist

Hotfix 21

  • Automatic Captions API upgrade
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