Ensemble Studio Dashboard


Ensemble Video 5.2 introduces a new feature to help administrators manage their Ensemble Studio Devices and Recordings. The recording dashboard allows administrators to manage, monitor and troubleshoot your recordings from one pane of glass.

Ensemble Studio Dashboard

To access the Ensemble Studio Dashboard you must be running Ensemble Video 5.2 (or higher). 

  1. Logon to Ensemble Video (Organization Admin or higher)

  2. Click on Organization -> Studio Setup

  3. You will see two (2) tabs - Devices and Recordings
    1. Devices Tab - list of all of your devices you have permissions to manage (connected or disconnected)
    2. Recordings Tab - list of all recordings that are either Scheduled, Completed, Failed, or Recording. You can change the view to day, week, or month.  You can change what day, week, or month by clicking the arrow buttons next to day




  • If a device is working like normal, you will see the 2019-02-21_0838_001.png button.
  • If a device is not working properly, you will see the 2019-02-21_0838.png button. Clicking on these will show you what errors are occurring.
    • Multiple attempts made for this recording – Indicates that service tried to start recording multiple times or tried to recover interrupted recording
    • No recordings for attempt – No recorded media for recording session due to processing delay or streaming issues
    • Service Start Recording - Device not available. Status (Disconnected) – Device was disconnected during recording start time
    • Service End Recording - Recording not active. Status (Disconnected) – Recording was not active during stop time and device was disconnected
    • There was no attempt for recording – Recording never started for scheduled session

  • Eye Icon  (on the right hand side) will take you to the settings/information page for the device's occurrence in Ensemble Video. An example of this page is shown below.



 Content Merge

In the event of network interruptions during recording, Ensemble Video will try to automatically merge recording segments into one file. The separate clips will show up your media library titled Segment 1, Segment 2... etc and there will be an attempted merged file separately with (Merge) in the title.



Device History

You can view the device history of a device in Studio Setup buy clicking Action -> History.   This will display all communications from the device, the logs, what the current status is (Recording, Device is Ready for Recording, or Device Disconnected), if there was a failure and the device was rebooted and the day and time the log was created.


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