Ensemble Studio Workflow Templates


Ensemble Studio Workflow Templates - Institution & Organization Level

Ensemble Video utilizes Workflow Templates, which define the process through which a video is made available for viewing. Ensemble Studio has its own Workflow which allows for a level of customization.

It is important to note that Ensemble Studio makes use of the System Workflow in addition to the Ensemble Studio Workflow, discussed in this article.  The Ensemble Studio Workflow allows customization of video setup, screen setup, streaming server addresses, etc.   However, once the video is done streaming the captured video file is then processed through the System Workflow for that Library. 

NOTE:  It is critical that you confirm your System Workflow is correct before using Ensemble Studio, as well as other features of Ensemble.   

The Ensemble Studio Workflow and the System Workflow are utilized in tandem to provide the Ensemble Studio streaming/playback functionality.   The Live Streaming and device configuration are done using the Ensemble Studio Workflow.  The Video-On-Demand playback capabilities of Ensemble Studio utilize the System Workflow to provide that functionality.

For more information on System Workflows, please visit this Support Article.

Institution Templates will be automatically pushed down to all Organizations.   You do not need to manually setup these Templates at the Org level unless you want to configure a CDN Path (which is optional).   CDN Paths are only supported at the Organization Level Template.  The two sections below explain how to setup/configure the Institutional Template.   And also covers modifying the  Organization Ensemble Studio Workflow.


Add Ensemble Studio Workflow Template - Institution Level

  1. Login to Ensemble Video with a System Admin account

  2. Click on Administration --> System -->  Institutions

  3. Locate your Institution in the list and choose Action -> Workflow Templates

  4. Click on +Add and choose Ensemble Studio


  5. Complete the other Properties
    • Name: Default is "Ensemble Studio" you can leave that
    • Live App RTMP:  RTMPS path use by clients to playback the captured video
      Encoding URL:  RTMP path used by the capture device to send the stream to Wowza.
    • Wowza Admin URL: URL to Wowza 8086 Admin Port (http://my.wowza.com:8086)
    • Wowza API URL: URL to Wowza 8087 API Port (http://my.wowza.com:8087)
    • Wowza Admin Username:  Wowza account with admin rights
    • Wowza Admin Password: Password for Wowza admin account, from above
    • High Quality Encoding: (Optional) if you want to re-encode your captured video through the transcoder again (to downsize the original captured file) you can specify that setting here. Unless you are capturing at a very high bitrate, typically this is left to --None--
    • Low Quality Encoding: (Optional) if you want to create a Low Quality bandwidth option for your captured recording. For example, you might stream at 2.0Mbps and you want to create a 800Kbps option for playback.   Typically this is left to --None--

      Note:  For most Ensemble Studio setup, the High Quality and Low Quality encoding discussed above are left to --None--    In most cases the bitrate being used to stream the file are sufficient for playback.   Modifying these settings will cause a delay as to when the Recorded File shows up in your media library.   This is due to the recorded file going through the transcoder (once or twice, depending on if you configured just one or both of the encoding settings above) before it is made available for playback.


  1. Click Save

Modify Ensemble Studio Workflow Template - Organization Level

Note:  you only have to modify the Organization Template if you need to manually change/override the settings from the Institutional Template (rare) or need to configure a CDN path (also rare).  

  1. Login to Ensemble Video with a Organizational Admin account (or higher)
  2. Click on Administration --> Institution -->  Organizations


  3. Locate the Organization you want to add the Workflow to
  4. Choose Action ->   Workflow Templates

  5. Find the Ensemble Studio template and choose Action -> Edit
  6. Update the properties you need to modify
  7. Click Save
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