Ensemble System Workflows


Ensemble System Workflows

There is a System Workflow Template for each Organization in Ensemble Video. The System Workflows are unique in that they:

  • Are only configurable at the Institution Level.
  • Are not visible at the Library level
    • But, each Library will utilize the System Workflow for certain functions
      • Ensemble Studio
      • Ensemble Anthem
      • Ingest Folders
      • Live Capture

System Workflows are created automatically for each new Institution/Organization.  When creating a new Organization you must confirm the System Workflow settings for the newly created Organization.   

Also, when troubleshooting Ensemble Features that use the System Workflow (Ensemble Studio, Live Capture, Ingest Folders, Ensemble Anthem). It is always best to start with the System Workflow first to ensure the paths, username and settings are correct.

When making any changes to the System Workflow using the steps below.   All changes to the System Workflow are automatically pushed down to every Library in that Organization.   Any modifications made will impact every Library in that Organization. 

Note: The Sub Directory property typically uses the variable {{Library}} which is a variable that will be replaced by the actual Library name for each Library in that Organization.   If you remove that variable and put in a value, rather than the variable, all Libraries in that Organization would be mapped to the same path for all their System Workflows, which is not advisable.  


Edit/Modify System Workflows

  1. Login to Ensemble Video with a Institution Admin account (or higher)

  2. Click on Administration --> Institution -->  Workflow Templates

  3. Find the System Workflow and click Actions --> Edit 
    (Note: In the Search dialog type "System" to narrow down the workflow list)


  4. Review and edit any properties that need to be corrected and click Save.   
    Note: when you click save this will update the System Workflow for all Libraries in that Organization.
    1. Institution: The Institution where this workflow will be saved.
    2. Organization: The Organization where this workflow will be saved.
    3. Name: Default is "System" you can leave that name
    4. Path:  This is the storage path where uploaded/transcoded content will be stored. This can be a local path such as “e:\streaming” or it can be a UNC path such as \\streamingserver\streamingpath.
    5. HTTP/RTMP Path:  This is the streaming path for the content that is uploaded/transcoded.
    6. Sub Directory: This specifies the sub-directory that will be automatically created when your Organization Administrator(s) creates a new Library for Auto-Create Workflows, or for when they manually create a new Media Workflow for a Library using the Media Workflow control. In this sub-directory, you can use variables to automatically create the Library folder where content will be stored:
      • {{{Library}}} – The new sub-directory folder will be based on the Library name with all special characters removed (the default).
      • {{{Username}}} – The new sub-directory folder will use the username of the logged-in user.
      • {{{Firstname}}} and {{{Lastname}}} – You can use Lastname alone, or put these two together to create a folder name such as “TimSmith”.
    7. User:  The username for authentication, if you specified a UNC storage path.
    8. Password:  The password for authentication, if you specified a UNC storage path.
    9. Domain:  The domain for authentication, if you specified a UNC storage path.
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