Configuring Matrox Monarch HD


Important: Before adding any new device to the Ensemble please ensure it is running the latest firmware version from the vendor. Click here for a link to Matrox Downloads.

Adding Matrox Monarch HD to Ensemble Studio

  1. Login to Ensemble with a Org Admin (or higher) account

  2. Click Administration-->Organization -->Studio Setup
    Studio Setup
  3. To configure a new device, click the +Add button and choose Monarch HD

  4. The Device Settings window will open, see below

  5. Configure the HD Properties
    • Institution: The institution where this device will be managed
    • Name: Use a convention that will help you identify the device, whether it is movable or installed in a fixed location
    • IP Address/Host Name: If the device is not assigned a static address, or a DHCP Reservation, the IP Address field may need to be updated if the device's network IP changes
    • Location: Use a convention that will help you identify the location of the device
    • Admin Username: Admin username for the LCS Device
    • Admin Password: Admin password for the LCS Device
    • Description: Description of device
    • Allowed IP Addresses: IP address list (comma separated) of IP Addresses allowed to control the LCS device. Users accessing the device from a computer listed as an Allowed IP Address may always create an ad-hoc recording. If a Studio device is installed in a classroom, enter the IP address of the installed classroom computer to permit all Ensemble users to record from the Studio device to their library while using that computer.

  6. Once you have the above properties configured, copy one of the Recording Presets URLs
    • All Purpose Recording: A general preset that will meet the needs of most users
    • Full Motion Video: Preset that is configured for video that contains a lot of motion
    • Screen Capture: Preset geared for presentations

      Note: You won't be able to Save your entry until you Validate the device. However, you won't be able to Validate the device until you perform the HD Configuration below. Once the Configure Matrox Monarch HD Device section below is complete, you can then click Validate --> Save

  7. Once you have completed the section below (Configure Matrox Monarch HD Device) you can click Validate --> Save

Configure Matrox Monarch HD Device

The section above must be completed before the following steps:

  1. Open the Matrox Monarch HD Command Center via a web browser using the device IP address (

  2. Click on Device --> Automatic Configuration

  3. When prompted, login as Admin to the LCS device

  4. Paste in the Recording Preset URL (from the previous section) into From Web Page section

  5. After pasting, click Load
Important: After you successfully Load the Present Link URL, remember you must go back to Ensemble Video and click Validate --> Save
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