Backup Ensemble Video



The Ensemble Video Platform is made up of multiple services.   Each service has different requirements for backup in the event you need to rebuild the entire solution from scratch.   Below we list each of the components of Ensemble Video and detail what needs to be backed up.  Please follow this guide to integrate the Ensemble Video Platform into your daily backup routine.  We recommend daily backups of the following components.


SQL Server Database

As with any data driven application, the database is critical.   We recommend backing up your database daily using whatever method you DBA suggests.   At the very least a Full daily backup is recommended.   If you are using Microsoft SQL Express, please find a backup package that can handle the SQL Express databases.  Simply backing up the database files is not a true backup and will result in a corrupt database during a restore process.


Ensemble Application

The Ensemble web application hosts the user interface and also provides the functionality for plugins and the API.   The system is divided up into two parts, the Ensemble web app and the Ensemble service.  

Backing Up the Web App

The web application needs to be backed up on a regular basis (i.e. daily).  The web app contains all the none video assets (thumbnails, attachments, caption tracks, etc.) and thus is critical to recovery operations.   The web application is installed in the IIS Web directory which defaults to c:\inetpub\wwwroot\ensemble on the Ensemble Server.   However, your installation may have a different location for the web application.  Use IIS  you can check where you web application is installed by logging onto Ensemble Server and checking the website properties in IIS.


Backing Up the Ensemble Service

The Ensemble Service is typically installed at:

c:\Program Files(x86)\Symphony Video, Inc 
This entire folder will need to be backed up as well on a daily basis


Wowza Media Server

The Wowza Media server provides the streaming functionality and in many cases the video storage.   This application may be bundled with another service (like the Ensemble Server) or it could be on a separate box.  In any event, it is a best practice to backup the Wowza Media Server  and any/all video assets.  

Wowza Media Server Folder

The Wowza Media Server folder contains all the settings and config files for your Wowza install.   While recreating these files is possible, it is much easier to pull from a backup rather than reconfigure a new Wowza install.   We recommend you backup the following folder on a regular basis:

C:\Program Files(x86)\Wowza Media Systems\Wowza Media Server x.x.x

The entire application is only 150MB in size (not including any log files).   And having a recent copy of that data can assist with quickly rebuilding a new Wowza server (if the need arises).   You can omit the LOGS folder from backups to save space and time.  


Video Assets

Typically all the video assets are stored on the Wowza server (MP4, MP3, etc.) and backing up these files is critical.   These files represent the work product of the users and without the original source files, they can’t be reproduced.   Check your Wowza configuration and determine where these files are located and back them up on a regular basis.   By default, we typically create a folder called Streaming on one of the data drives of the Wowza Server.   This is where you video assets will be located and must be backed up daily.

Note:  The video assets will be the biggest space resource of the entire Ensemble Video system.   Please plan accordingly with your backup solution.   Video assets can grow to many TB on even a modest video management system.



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