Managing Ensemble Studio Recordings



Ensemble Video provides a couple different methods to manage your Ensemble Studio Recordings.   Depending on your permissions level - Contributor, Organizational Admin, Institutional Admin, or System Admin.

Managing Scheduled Recordings - Contributors

If your account has Contributor access to a library (non-administrative account) by default you can only view/manage recordings that have been scheduled for your library.  Scheduled recordings can be configured in one of two ways (these will be configured by your Administrator):

  1. Auto Recording (most common): Auto recordings will automatically start capturing (recording) at the scheduled time without any user intervention.   The recording will stop at the predetermined time and will be made available in your library.  If Auto Recording has been configured by your Administrator, your only management option as a Contributor is to manually Stop a recording once it started.   If you do not manually Stop a recording, it will automatically stop once the scheduled End Time is reached.

  2. User Controlled (less common):  If your scheduled recording has been configured as User Controlled than you, as the Contributor, will determine if/when the recording starts for your library.  You will have to manually Start the recording, it will not start automatically.  The User Controlled option just exposes the ability to record/capture during the time frame specified by the administrator in the schedule.   Once the time frame has ended, the ability to record will automatically disappear from the library.

In the example below there is a Auto Recording scheduled to start at 2:45 PM, however it is currently only 2:41 PM (see clock on screenshot) so the recording is visible to the Contributor, but it won't start until the scheduled time (2:45 PM)

At 2:45 PM the recording automatically starts (without any user intervention).  The Contributor can STOP and REC (restart the recording) during the scheduled recording time.  Auto Recording doesn't require any interaction from the user to start/stop, that is determined by the schedule.   However, if the Contributor (or admins) choose they can Stop/Pause the recording while inside the scheduled window.
Since this was a single occurrence scheduled recordings after 2:50 PM, this scheduled recording will disappear from the view of the Contributor.

To view the list of scheduled recordings for your library

  1. Logon to Ensemble Video using your username/password
  2. On the left hand navigation bar, choose Ensemble Studio

  3. From this screen you can edit some of the properties (limited set of properties):
    1. Edit:  you can change the metadata about this recording
    2. Manage:  view details like Encoding URL, Stream Name, Video Format and change Recording/Inactive thumbnails
    3. Publishing:   Controls publishing of the Live Recording item
    4. Control Recording:
      1. Rec & Stop for User Controlled recordings
      2. Stop for Auto Recording option

Once a recording is completed, it will be automatically moved to the Media Library. 


Make Recording - Contributors

Your administrator may grant you additional rights beyond that of a Library Contributor.

Make Recording: Contributors that have been granted Make Recording permission to a recording device will always see that device when they navigate to the Ensemble Studio tab in their library.  From there you can REC or STOP the device at any time to make an ad-hoc recording in your library. Contributors that have access to more than one library will be able to make ad-hoc recordings in any library they have access to.


Managing Scheduled Recordings - Administrators

Organization and Institution administrators that have Manage Device permission will see the device(s) and all scheduled recordings in each library within the Organization (for Org Admins) and every library in an Institution (for Institution Admins).   This allows and Organization Admin or Institution Admin to view/control ALL scheduled recordings and make ad-hoc recordings in any/all library they have access to.

Users with administrative rights (Organization Admin, Institution Admin and Sys Admin) can navigate to the Ensemble Studio tab, in the left navigation column, where they can manage ad-hoc and scheduled recordings.

To access Ensemble Studio Recordings tab for Administrators:

  1. Logon to Ensemble Video with your admin user
  2. Click on Administration -> Organization ->  

  3. Click on the Recordings Tab

  4. From this Tab you can manage and control all the Scheduled and Ad Hoc recordings. This Tab also allows you to monitor the real-time status of recordings.

For details on the Studio Dashboard please click here.

Note:  This view only shows the recording schedule, not the finished recordings. Once a recording is completed, it will be automatically moved to the Media Library. 







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