Configure a Live Stream Encoder (RTMP Streaming)



Ensemble Live Streaming enables you to broadcast and record a live stream from Live Encoder such as Wirecast, EnsembleLive, or Open Broadcaster (software) or a hardware encoder such as Matrox Monarch HD, Newtek Tricaster, or Hauppauge StreamEez-Pro.

The Live Stream Overview article explains how to create and manage Live Stream and Live Capture items that are enabled in the Ensemble Video Live Stream area -- view this article before trying to configure your network camera.

There are three tabs in the Manage Stream form that you will use to set up and use your Live Stream or Live Capture with a stream sent from a Live Stream Encoder:

  1. Details – view details of the live stream, check status, adjust aspect ratio, and customize Preview Image.
  2. Live Encoders – access configuration for EnsembleLive, Wirecast, or Open Broadcaster
  3. History – view a log of streaming events

Details Tab


Encoding URL: the live stream URL (server and Wowza Application) where that you will send your live stream to with your live stream encoding hardware or software.

Stream Name: the stream name you must use when you send your live stream to the Wowza Media server using your live stream encoding hardware or software. (Please note a stream username and password are not required. This stream key is generated automatically and we recommend you keep it confidential so others cannot stream/record using your Ensemble Video library.)


  • Ready – item is ready for streaming
  • Streaming – item is Live Stream and ready for recording -- a Record button enables you to start and top streaming whenever you wish.
  • Recording – item is currently streaming and recording

Video Format: Choose 16:9 or 4:3. The Default is 16:9, but some cameras/encoders will use 4:3 image dimensions. This setting will be used for all embedded players and for all and embed codes (that you copy/paste to embed live stream viewer access in Web pages).

Images: Click on the Browse button to navigate and upload custom “On-Air” and “Off-Air” images.

CDN Service: If your Library has been configured so that your Live Streams are eligible to use the CDN service, an additional checkbox will appear where you can toggle the use of the CDN service on or off.

The CDN service uses a third party Content Delivery Network provider that maintains a global high speed network that is provisioned to support highly scalable streaming and efficient global distribution of Wowza Media video streams. CDN streaming does incur additional cost. For more details, contact us at

Live Encoders Tab

Retrieve information for used widely encoding software: the EnsembleLive mobile application (for iOS or Android), Telestream Wirecast, a software encoders that is used by many media professionals, or Open Broadcaster, a popular encoding software that is a free download. The Live Encoders tab enables easy configuration of these popular live stream encoding tools.

EnsembleLive: For EnsembleLive users, clicking the appropriate link on Android or iOS devices will automatically launch EnsembleLive with the correct settings to stream to your Live Stream or Live Capture item. You can send a configuration URL via email by clicking on the Share button.


Wirecast: Wirecast users can download a configuration XML file from this tab and then import it into Wirecast, then start a stream to use to the Live Stream or Live Capture item.


Open Broadcaster: For Windows users, download the “.ini” file and import it into your Open Broadcaster Profiles. Macintosh users will need to manually set media streaming URL and stream key.


History Tab

View a log of live stream events for your Live Stream or Live Capture item. This logs includes date/time, the user who was responsible for the event, and the technical details of the streaming event.

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