Ensemble Video Transcoder API


The API Documentation can be accessed through the API URL of the transcoder:


The Swagger Documentation for the different API Requests can be found here

To send a request using the Swagger interface, you will need to first authenticate by clicking the lock icon in the upper right hand corner.


Then Select the Checkbox for the TranscoderApi Scope and then click the Authorize Button


Once Authenticated, requests can be sent to the transcoder by using the Button for the request needed.

For example, to create a transcoding job, select the “Create a transcoding job” request to expand it and click the “Try it out” button.

Put the request information in the Job Details Textbox using the following format and hit the execute button:


   "input": "S:\\TestVideos\\60min1080h.mp4",

   "Outputs": [


           "fileName": "video_1920x1080.mp4",

           "format": "mp4",

           "width": 1920,

           "height": 1080,

           "video_bitrate": 4000,


"buffer_size": 4000,

           "max_frame_rate": 30,

           "forced_keyframe_rate": 0.5,

           "fixed_keyframe_rate": "true",

           "audio_bitrate": 256,

           "video_codec": "h264",

           "h264_level": "4.1",

           "h264_profile": "high"





The input path needs to be the location of the file relative to the transcoder (include the duplicate slashes for the directories). The other parameters can be adjusted to match the preset that is being used.

The job will be created on the transcoder and the output folder will be generated in the output path designated in the transcoder settings.

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