Setup System Notifications


In Ensemble Video Version 5.3+ System Administrators can setup System Notifications that can be delivered through Ensemble Video's web-based notification panel or to a users email inbox. This is a great way to notify users of system updates, outages and other relevant information. To access System Notifications, go to the Administration menu on the left, click on System, then click on Notifications


1. Setup System Notifications

System Administrators can use the selection menu to send a message to either Contributor and Admin Users OR Admin Users in the notifications panel.


After choosing the user group, enter the message that will be sent to the user group and hit the Send button.


The notification message will be displayed in the Notifications panel (as seen below).



2. Configure Email (SMTP) Server

To set up Email Notifications it’s necessary to configure an SMTP Server that will take care of the delivery of your emails. The configuration of SMTP servers is generally very easy – you will have to enter the proper SMTP Server details in the configuration window.

  • SMTP Server: The outgoing SMTP mail server
  • Port: The outgoing SMTP mail server port. For example, 587 (alternatives: 465 and 25)
  • Login: The SMTP mail server login
  • Password: The SMTP mail server login
  • From Display Name (5.4+): The From name
  • Reply-To Email Address: The Reply-To email address
  • Reply-To Display Name: The Reply-To display name
  • Test Email Configuration: Enter an email address to send a test email to


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