Ensemble Video 5.3 Version Summary


We are proud to announce the arrival of Ensemble Video version 5.3, which includes several new features, enhancements, and a continuation of system improvements from previous versions. 


Dropbox Improvements

In Version 5.3 (and above) the Ensemble Video Dropbox has new and enhanced functionality. When creating a Dropbox, there are several new fields and options that can be configured. Also, after creating a Dropbox there are a number of new Dropbox Options including sharing, publishing, securing and editing capabilities! Finally, users will have the advantage of using a new uploader and Dropbox creators can now access all the Dropbox submissions in the Submissions tab. 


Learn more about the New Ensemble Video Dropbox!


Global Search

Ensemble Video's Global Search feature allows a user to search all the libraries they have access to in Ensemble Video. For example:

  • Contributors can search their Media Library (or libraries that they have access to).
  • Organization Administrators can search all the Media Libraries in their Organization.
  • Institution Administrators can search all the Organizations and Media Libraries in their Institution.
  • System Administrators can search all the Organizations and Media Libraries in all Institutions.


Learn more about the Global Search feature!


Interactive Transcript Language Link/Unlink

Ensemble Video expanded its Interactive Transcript viewing interface and now enables linking and unlinking of the Interactive Transcript and Closed Caption Display. This is a great feature for viewers interested in reading the transcript in one language while reading the Closed Captions in another language.  For example, in the image below both the Interactive Transcript and Closed Captions are displaying English because they are linked. 


If the user clicks on the CC icon and changes the Closed Caption language to Spanish and then clicks on the Link icon it will unlink the Interactive Transcript and Closed Captions, resulting in the Interactive Transcript displaying in English and the Closed Captions displaying in Spanish. 



Italian Language Support

You can upload, edit and display Italian closed caption files in Ensemble Video 5.3. Additionally, Ensemble Video can automatically caption Italian language videos. Learn more in the Multi-Language Closed Captions article. 



Media Library Portals

Ensemble Video 5.3 enables Contributors and Organization Administrators to create their own video portals (this was previously restricted to Institution Administrators). The Ensemble Video Media Library Portal is similar to a custom YouTube™ channel as it allows Ensemble Video users to deliver public and private media content in a polished video viewing interface. The Media Library Portal can fully customized to meet the branding and communication needs of each user. To see it in action, visit our demo portal.


Learn more about the Media Library Portal feature!


Network Camera Support

Ensemble Video has expanded its Live Streaming feature-set and now enables automated control of network cameras (also known as IP cameras, PTZ cameras, and RTSP cameras). In Ensemble Video 5.3 users can START/STOP streaming and START/STOP recording of network cameras. There are many network cameras that you can use with Ensemble Video.


Learn more about Ensemble Video's Network Camera Support!



Ensemble Video 5.3 (and above) supports web and email notifications. Notifications are updates about specific Ensemble Video activity. There are several types of notifications and notification preferences for Ensemble Video Users in Version 5.3. Learn more about Notifications!

Web notifications are displayed in the web application user interface when a user logged into Ensemble Video.


Email notifications are Ensemble Video updates that you receive via email. 


Learn more about Notifications!


Video Quiz Options Added

In this version we added new quiz options. First,we've added an Anonymous user option in the User tracking dropdown so users can submit video quizzes anonymously (similar to an anonymous survey submission). 


Second, the new Post-Submission Call-to-Action panel in the quiz creator allows a user to add to a post-submission call-to-action button that shows up immediately after the quiz has been submitted.  The button’s text and launch Url can be customized. Lastly, the quiz creator can open the Url in a new window.


After adding the button text and button Url, the post-submission call-to-action button will show up immediately after the quiz has been submitted.


Ensemble Video Transcoder

ensemble-transcoder-workflow.pngEnsemble Video is proud to release its own on-premise transcoder! The Ensemble Video Transcoder has been designed specifically for Ensemble self-hosted customers enabling them to customize a variety of encoding workflows associated with single file or adaptive bit rate (ABR) presets. Ensemble Video self-hosted customers can upload countless formats into Ensemble Video to prepare them for video on demand streaming, delivering video through our HTML5 player on a variety of devices across several platforms.

The simple user interface provides a monitoring dashboard along with visibility into active, completed and failed jobs. Additionally, the transcoder provides details and logs based on your transcoding activity.


Learn more about the Ensemble Video Transcoder!


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