How to Copy Content


This article will demonstrate how to copy content from a source Media Library to a destination Media Library. Copying content to another Media Library makes a digital copy in another media library and enables independent management of the newly copied content.

Copy Diagram

Note: Copying content makes a duplicate digital file and increases your storage (based on the size of the content). If you do not want to make a digital copy, you can Share the content.

Enable Copy

First, it is important to make sure you navigate to the library where you want to the copied files to end up, that is called the destination Media Library.

Destination Media Library

To enable copy, go to the Library menu and click on the Sharing tab.


Sharing Tab

Add Source Media Library

In the Sharing Options area, click on +Add to choose the source Media Library. The source Media Library will be able to copy content to a destination Media Library.

Sharing Add

After clicking the +Add button users can Search or Select the source Media Library. Then click the Add to My Shares button. In the example below the source Media Library is Marketing/Communications.

Shares Library

Enable Copy

After adding the source Media Library you need to enable Copy, just click the Copy checkbox. The copy permission has been granted for the source Media Library (Marketing/Communications).

Copy Permission

Copy Content from Source Media Library

Next, navigate to the source Media Library in Ensemble Video, in this example it is Marketing/Communications. Find the media you would like to copy and click the Copy button.

Source Library

The Copy Content menu will allow the user to choose the destination Media Library. In the example below the destination Media Library is Pat Bryant. Click the Copy Content button to make a digital copy (duplicate file) of the content in the destination Media Library (Pat Bryant).

Copy Content

Access Content in Destination Media Library

The copied content is now in the destination Media Library. The content can now be independently edited, managed and published. 

Destination Library

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