What is my Login URL for the Mobile App?


Login-Process-URL.pngThe Ensemble Video Mobile App requires you to enter your (1) Ensemble Video Login URL prior to adding their (2) Username and Password.

Many users know their Login URL, but if you don't or if you are running into issues logging into the Mobile App, we can help you! 

Please review the information below to determine your Ensemble Video Login URL.  



Step 1: Use your Login URL into the Browser

If you already login into Ensemble Video, you should be able to use that URL. Just make sure you enter https://your.login.url into the Mobile App.

Ensemble Video Custom URL

Cloud-hosted Login URL examples are:

  • https://college.ensemblevideo.com
  • https://business.ensemblevideo.com
  • https://school.ensemblevideo.com
  • https://cloud.ensemblevideo.com/yourinstitution

Self-hosted Login URL examples are:

  • https://ensemble.college.edu
  • https://ensemble.business.com
  • https://ensemble.school.k12.ny.us
  • https://ensemble.college.edu/yourinstitution


Step 2: Ask Your Ensemble Video Administrator

If you cannot login to the Mobile App using your Login URL, we recommend that you connect with your Ensemble Video Administrator.  Your Ensemble Video Administrator can go to the (1) Institution Tab, then click on (2 )Branding to get the (3) Ensemble Video Login URL.

Branding Tab URL

Can the Ensemble Video Login URL be changed?

Yes, your Ensemble Video System and Institution Administrators can change the Ensemble Video Login URL. To change the Login URL, go to the (1) Institution Tab, then click on (2) Branding, then click (3) Edit for to your Institution

Branding Tab

Choose and Edit the Ensemble URL

Ensemble Video System and Institution Administrators can use the hosting domain name plus their institution name for the Ensemble URL.  

Ensemble URL Highlighted

Choose and Edit the Custom URL

Ensemble Video System and Institution Administrators can use a Custom URL for the Ensemble URL.  

Custom URL Highlight

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