Video Quiz Results and the Brightspace by D2L Gradebook


Ensemble Video allows Video Quiz results to automatically populate in the Brightspace by D2L Gradebook.  Please note, you must be able to create a Video Quiz in Ensemble Video and you must be able to add Activities or Insert Stuff in Brightspace by D2L. To learn how to create an Ensemble Video Quiz, please review this article. Also, you must have the Brightspace by D2L Plugin Setup.  To learn how to configure the Brightspace by D2L Plugin, please review this article.

Add a Video Quiz

Login to your Brightspace by D2L course and go to the area where you would like to add the Video Quiz. Note: There are two ways to add a Video Quiz.

Option 1: Add Existing Activity (less steps and faster)

Click on Add Existing Activities button and then click on Ensemble Video. Now you are ready to  Choose your Quiz. You can skip to the next step by clicking here.

Add Existing Activity

Option 2: Insert Stuff (more steps, but you can add more content in the text editor)

Click on New button and then click on Create a File.

Click on New Button and Insert Stuff

Name the File and Insert Stuff

Enter the name of the (1) File and then click on the (2) Play Button (Insert Stuff Button) in the editor. 

Name the File and Insert Stuff


Choose Ensemble Video

In the Insert Stuff menu, select Ensemble Video

Choose Ensemble Video

Choose Quiz

Click the (1) Choose Quiz tab and then select the Video Quiz you would like to use by clicking the (2) Choose button.

Choose Video Quiz

Then click the Save button.

Click Save


Then click the Insert Button to add the Gradebook integrated Video Quiz.

Insert Video Quiz

And finally click Save and Close button to add the Gradebook integrated Video Quiz.

Save and Close

Video Quiz Assignment Added

Faculty and students will see the Ensemble Video Quiz (Kenyan Safari Quiz) in Brightspace by D2L. 

Video Quiz Added

Taking the Video Quiz Assignment (Student Preview)

After a student logs into Brightspace by D2L and navigates to the Brightspace by D2L course, the student will click the Click to Start the Quiz button on the Quiz preview thumbnail. 

Start Video Quiz

The student will work through the Video Quiz questions.

Quiz Question

The student will click the Submit Quiz button to submit the Video Quiz Assignment. 

Submit Quiz

The student will be able to see the Results and additional options (based on Quiz Settings). 

Quiz Results

Viewing the Video Quiz Grade in Brightspace by D2L (Student Preview)

After submitting the Video Quiz the student will go to Grades in the Brightspace by D2L course to view the Video Quiz Grade.

View the Quiz Grade

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