Zoom Recording Passwords



NOTE:  This issue has been resolved in Ensemble version 5.3 Hotfix 28 (or later).   Please contact Ensemble Support to schedule and upgrade the latest version.


On 4/11/2020 Zoom introduced a new security feature that generates a random password for each recording.   That new feature was enabled by default as of Saturday 4/11/2020.   The result was a break in the API Integrations that were written prior to 4/11 (including Ensemble Video Zoom Integration).   

The new feature will generate a random password for each new recording you create using your Zoom account.  We are working on adapting the Ensemble Zoom Integration to function with the new integration, however due to short notice we do not have a fix as of Monday 4/13/2020.  

In the meantime, you can disable this feature temporarily while our development team works to redo our integration with the new feature.  

Note:  this will disable the random password feature for all recordings in the future.   For all recordings already captured, you will need to disable the password on each file created since this new feature was enabled by Zoom.


Disable (new) Zoom Download Password Feature:

  1. Logon to your Zoom Account: https://www.zoom.us/signin

  2. Click on Settings on the left side:


  3. Click on Recordings Tab

  4. Find the settings "Require password to access shared cloud recordings" and Turn Off that option:



Disable Download Password for Individual Recordings

Each file that was created after Zoom enabled the new Random Generated Download Password will need to be disabled, individually on each recording.

  1. Click on Recordings link on the left side
  2. Click on Share button (next to your recording)
  3. Disable Password protect option
  4. Click Close button

The next time the service runs it will reattempt to ingest the new recording.   Please give it 5-10 minutes to reprocess the Zoom library.

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