Live Stream Zoom Meetings or Webinars


Zoom meetings can be live streamed through Ensemble Video. While live stream viewers will not be able to participate directly in the Webinar or Meeting, you can use the live stream to scale up the number of people who can view the event in real time.

Create an Ensemble Video Live Stream or Live Capture Item

Go to the Live Stream tab and create a Live Stream or Live Capture item. You can publish this item just like a video-on-demand asset with an embed code, in a portal or playlist, or with a permalink.

Live Streaming Overview

Configure Zoom Live Streaming

A Zoom Administrator must enable users in your account to live stream meetings or webinars. Users can then configure Zoom for live streaming using the Custom live stream option. Here is a Zoom support page with details:

Live Streaming Meetings or Webinars Using a Custom Service

You will need the Ensemble Video Live Stream or Live Capture Encoding URL and Stream Name In the Zoom "Configure the custom live stream" form.  Note: Zoom refers to the Ensemble Video "Stream Name" as the "Streaming Key" in the configuration form. Here is an example of a Zoom stream configured to stream to Ensemble Video Live Capture.


Once you have completed the configuration using the Zoom instructions, you can start and stop Live Stream at any time in the Zoom meeting Host controls.  


If you haven't pre-configured a Meeting or Webinar with a Live Stream configuration, you can add that information during the meeting when you click on "Live on Custom Live Streaming Service".

When the live stream launches it will re-direct you to the live stream Web page where the stream is can be viewed.




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