Library Upload Media Workflows


An Upload Media Workflow defines how a video is processed when uploaded through the Ensemble Video web interface. Each Ensemble Video library has one or more upload workflows

When a Library is first created in Ensemble, some Media Workflows are added automatically, based on Organization Workflow Templates that are defined for your Organization. There are also Institution Workflow Templates that are set up by an System Administrator when the Institution was set up. 

You can add a new Upload Media Workflow to your Libraries if needed (requires Organization Administrative rights) if needed.  

  1. Click on Administration -> Library -> Media Workflows
  2. Click on Add  to add a new Workflow


  3. Select a Template from the Template dropdown menu. This will automatically fill in the information for the new Upload Workflow Template. All of the details of the form will be automatically inserted, saving you from having to manually specify these values. The credential and path information, credentials and Domain should not be edited and in most cases will not allow edits. 


  • Template:  Choose one of the templates depending on what sort of Upload workflow you want to add (e.g., ABR HD 1080p, Compress and Stream 480p, or No Trancode). 
  • Name:  You will want to name the new Workflow to differentiate it from other upload Media Workflows in the Library. This should be an easily recognizable name; it will show up in a Dropdown on the upload form for your users.
  • Transcode To:  Encoding recipe for uploaded content, the most common choices are ABR HD 1080p or Compress and Stream 480p.  You can choose "None" if you don't want process the uploaded files through the Transcoder.  
  • Maximum Size:  Maximum size for uploaded files.
  • Default:  If select, this workflow will be the default workflow selected when a user uploads a file.
  • Secure Streaming:  Deprecated, no longer used
  • Secure Token Key:  Deprecated, no longer used
  • Restricted Streaming:  Indicates the maximum number of simultaneous playbacks allowed for any media uploaded to this workflow template. This is useful sometimes for licensed content.
  • Enabled:  if selected the Workflow Template is available for use by any users in the library. 


6. Click Save to save the Media Workflow so users can select it when uploading content.


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