Customize & Embed a Playlist


Ensemble Video offers a set of polished video playlist templates that are very easy to customize and embed according to your needs. All of Ensemble Video's playlist templates are HTML5 based and responsive, providing a mobile-friendly user experience. If you want to publish a playlist to a specific web page or another web platform, you can use the Customize & Embed function to generate HTML code that can be pasted to the external site.

Choose Playlist

To Customize & Embed a playlist, click Playlists in the navigation pane, then click the Customize & Embed button corresponding to the playlist you'd like to publish.



In the Layout panel, choose one of the pre-configured playlist templates by clicking the Use this Layout button.  The Selected Layout will be highlighted in Green. Then click Continue.


Filter & Sort

The Filter & Sort panel will be unique based on the layout that was selected. In this panel users can specify how the playlist should be sorted and/or filtered when it loads.  After editing the Filter & Sort options, click Continue.


Filter & Sort Options (Default):

  • Search String: Filter playlists results on a specific search string.
  • Categories: Filter Playlist results by a specific playlist category.
  • Number of Results: Determine the number of playlist results.
  • Sort By: Sort the playlist in a specific order, the options are:
    • Date Added
    • Date Produced
    • Description
    • Title
    • Duration
    • Keywords
    • Custom Order
  • Related Content: (Optional)
    The Related Content sort by option is available if the user is using the Video Showcase with Categories layout. The user can determine the content that is displayed next the the Video Showcase player.

Featured Content (Optional)

This Featured Content option allows a user to choose a featured video to populate the built-in player in your playlist.  A user can always Select another video from the Playlist and Preview the featured video.  The Featured Content option is available if a video player is part of the playlist layout:

  • Player with Vertical Playlist
  • Player above Horizontal Playlist
  • Player above Vertical Playlist
  • Video Showcase with Categories
  • Player above Video Grid Playlist 


The Display panel allows users to control what display features will be included throughout the playlist. After selecting the Display options, click Continue



The CSS panel allows users to apply custom CSS styles to control the layout of playlist contents.  This feature is for advanced users that have an understanding of CSS.  Apply the custom CSS styles and make sure to the Use Custom Style checkbox is selected, then click Continue.



The Embed panel will load with a ready-to-use embed code using your customized settings. Users can Preview and Copy the iFrame or Javascript embed code, then embed the playlist into their website, CMS, or blog.  Both iFrame and Javascript options are available in case either mode conflicts with the website where you're embedding the embed code. Use a Responsive option if you want the playlist to resize to fit its container. Use the Custom size option if you prefer to specify a specific/fixed width and height.


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