Unpublish Video from a Playlist


This article shows you how to easily un-publish video(s) from a playlist using the "Visual Unpublish" feature. A playlist lets you create a collection of content for a website, LMS, CMS or Blog. Once a playlist is created, Ensemble Video users can create and publish items in their Media Library and Shared Library to their Playlist. 

Select the Playlist

Browse to the Library that contains the playlist, then click the Playlists button in the navigation column. Then select the playlist and click the Visual Unpublish button.


Unpublish Video

Navigate to the video that you would like to unpublish, then click the X icon to remove the video from the playlist.  


Confirm Unpublish

Click on the Confirm button to unpublish the content from the playlist. The user has the option to select the "Do not ask me again" checkbox to skip the Confirmation step in the future.

Note: The content will not be deleted or unpublished from other playlists. 


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