Video Dropbox Assignments and the Blackboard Gradebook


Ensemble Video allows Video Dropbox Assignments to be viewed and graded in the Blackboard LMS and Gradebook. Please note, you must be able to create a Video Dropbox in Ensemble Video and you must be able to add Ensemble Video content in Blackboard using the Ensemble Video Chooser. To learn how to create an Ensemble Video Dropbox, please review this article.  Also, you must have the Blackboard LTI Integration Setup.  To learn how to configure the Blackboard LTI, please review this article.

I am a(n):


Add a Video Dropbox Video Assignment

Login to your Blackboard course and go to the Content Item area, the click on Ensemble Video Chooser in the Mashups area.


Choose Video Dropbox

Click the (1) Choose Dropbox tab and then select the Video Dropbox you would like to use by clicking the (2) Choose button.


Then click the Save button to add the Gradebook integrated Video Dropbox.



Video Dropbox Assignment Added

Faculty and students will see the Ensemble Video Dropbox (Graded Video Assignment) in Blackboard. 



Grading Video Dropbox Assignments

Launch Video Dropbox Assignment from Blackboard

Go to the Blackboard course and click on the Video Dropbox Assignment (Graded Video Assignment).



In the top left area of the Ensemble Video Dropbox click on the Submissions button


Instructors can now review the Video Dropbox Assignment Submissions in Ensemble Video by clicking on the Video Thumbnail.



After viewing the video submission(s) the instructor can go to Results Center > Full Results Center in Blackboard.  Instructors will go to the Video Dropbox Assignment column (Graded Video Assignment) and select Enter Grades.


After saving the Video Dropbox Assignment grade will be displayed in the Blackboard Results Center(Gradebook).  



Submitting the Video Dropbox Assignment (Student Preview)

After a student logs into Blackboard and navigates to the Blackboard course,the student will click on the Ensemble Video Dropbox (Graded Video Assignment).



How to Submit a Video

  1. Web Browser
  2. Mobile App 
  3. Chrome Extension

Option 1: Upload using Web Browser (Student Preview)

The students can upload their content using the web browser. The students will (1) Enter the Content Title, then the students will (2) Choose the Web Browser tab and then the students will (3) Select the file to Upload (or drag and drop the video file).


After uploading the Video Assignment the students will get a confirmation message that there content has been uploaded. 

Video Assignment Submitted 


Option 2: Upload using Mobile App (Student Preview)

The students can upload their content using the Mobile App. The students will need to download the Ensemble Video Mobile App. The students will (1) Choose the Mobile App tab, then the students will (2) Click the Download button and then the students will (3) Scan the QR Code.  The students will point their camera or QR Code reader at the QR code on their computer screen and they will be redirected to Ensemble Video app in the App Store.

Download Mobile App in App Store



Configure the Ensemble Video Mobile App

Students (or users with no account) can Scan the QR Code on their computer screen to configure the Ensemble Video mobile app. The students will (1) Choose the Mobile App tab, then (2) Click the Configure button and then the students will (3) Scan the QR Code.  To scan the QR code the students will point their camera or QR Code reader at the QR code on their computer screen and they will be given an Authorization code. The students will enter an authorization code in the Dropbox configuration text field to (4) Authorize their Device


Record and Upload

The students will then be able to tap the (1) Start Upload Button to Record video using the Camera. Then they will use the (2) Record Button to Record video using the Camera, or the students will tap the (3) Gallery Tab to select a video from the Camera Gallery. Students can (4) Trim the Start and End points of the video prior to uploading. Then students will add a (5) Title and Description. Finally, the students will tap (6) Upload to upload the video to Ensemble Video.

Student Upload Process Using Mobile App


Option 3: Upload using Ensemble Video Chrome Recorder Extension (Student Preview)

The students can upload their content using the web browser. The students will (1) Choose the Chrome Extension tab, then the students will (2) Install the Chrome Recorder Extension and then the students will Record their Screen or Webcam.

First, click on the Install button to download and configure the Chrome Recorder Extension.


After clicking the Install button, the Chrome Recorder Extension will be configured to upload to the Ensemble Video Dropbox Assignment. 


Next, you will open the Chrome Recorder Extension. The Recorder will know the (1) Identity of the Student and it will be configured to upload the recording to the appropriate  (2) Ensemble Video Dropbox Destination. The student will Click (3) Start Recording to record their Screen or Webcam.


When the recording is finished, it will open in a new tab. The Recording Details page displays all information about the video. To submit the video to the Video Assignment Dropbox, click the Upload button. 




Viewing the Video Dropbox Grade in Blackboard (Student Preview)

After submitting the Graded Video Assignment the student will go to Results Center (Gradebook) in the Blackboard course to view the Ensemble Video Dropbox Graded Video Assignment Grade.


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