Ensemble Video 5.4 Version Summary


We are proud to announce the arrival of Ensemble Video version 5.4! Ensemble Video 5.4 continues our commitment to developing features and functionality that enhance teaching, learning and communication. Version 5.4 focuses on two things: creating engaging viewing experiences and empowering students to create and submit videos.  Lastly, our SharePoint Web Part integration simplifies using Ensemble Video in SharePoint.

New Features



New Features

New Playlist Templates

Publish attractive, high quality video playlists on any website, LMS, CMS or blog.

Ensemble Video 5.4 offers a set of new polished video playlist templates that are very easy to customize and embed based on a user’s needs. All of Ensemble Video's playlist templates are HTML5 based and responsive, providing a mobile-friendly user experience. This also includes a new looping playlist template that can be used as a simple digital signage solution. Lastly, the new playlist templates are accessible as links and controls can be accessed using the Tab key on the keyboard.


View the Playlist Layouts

Customize & Embed Playlist Options


Ensemble Video’s LMS integrations support the new playlist templates

Ensemble Video’s Learning Management System (LMS) integrations include each of the new playlist templates.  Educators can engage and impress student viewers with elegant and attractive video playlists based on each instructor’s preferences. 


Visual Un-publishing

Easily un-publish video(s) from a playlist

Sometime the simplest features make the biggest difference for experienced Ensemble Video users. Ensemble Video’s Visual un-publish feature allow users to preview playlists and easily remove videos in the same interface.


Chrome Extension integrated into the Ensemble Video Dropbox

Empowering students to create and submit videos using the FREE Chrome Recorder Extension

We’ve made video assignments easier than ever for students and educators. Students accessing the Ensemble Video Dropbox through an LMS can upload their Screen or Webcam video using the FREE Chrome Recorder Extension without having an Ensemble Video account. Also, the Ensemble Video Dropbox assignment will automatically create a Gradebook column in your LMS.


Learn more about how this feature works in your LMS below: 

Video Quizzes and Ensemble Video Dropboxes Integrated with the Blackboard Results Center (Gradebook)

Simplify Grading of Video Quizzes and Video Dropboxes

Video Dropboxes added through the Ensemble Video mashup tool in Blackboard automatically create a gradebook column in the Results Center (Gradebook). Educators can then easily view dropbox submissions and grade them in auto-created Results Center (Gradebook) column in Blackboard.  Learn more about Integrating:


SharePoint Webpart Integration

Create, upload and embed videos, playlists, dropboxes and video quizzes in SharePoint.

Ensemble Video customers can use our SharePoint web part to engage viewers and better communicate with stakeholders on public and private SharePoint pages.



Feature Enhancements 

Email Notifications

Dropbox Submission Email with Permalink

The Ensemble Video Dropbox includes a simple setting that sends the dropbox submitter a notification email after they submit their content. The email includes a submission time and a permalink to the video.  Learn more about the Ensemble Video Dropbox


Email From Display Name

In Ensemble Video 5.4 you can set the From Display Name for System and Institution Email Notifications. 


The email From Display Name is included in the email to the dropbox owner and submitter. 



New Notification Activities

Ensemble Video supports Web and Email Notifications for usersBy default, users get notifications and updates related to specific Ensemble Video activity in their default media library. In version 5.4 we’ve added new notifications for activities related to Closed Captions, Audio Descriptions and Deleted Content. Learn more about Notifications.


Zoom & WebEx Integration User Interface Improvements

Ensemble Video 5.4 includes an updated interface for managing Zoom and WebEx access. Easily add Zoom users by email address, search the library and institution as well as see the list of all validated users. Learn more about the Zoom and WebEx Integrations. 



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