Blocked 3rd Party Cookies


Ensemble Video will display a message when third party cookies are blocked if a user attempts to access Ensemble Video LMS integrations (through an embedded view). If you are using Ensemble Video’s LTI link you will see the following message:

Third Party Cookies Blocked: Your browser is configured to block third-party cookies. To continue, please click the button below in order to launch this tool in a new window. 

Please contact your support team for assistance in enabling third party cookies. If that is not an option, simply click the Open in new window button. 


Once you click the link, a window/tab will open and you will be able to use Ensemble Video’s LMS integration.The LMS integration makes uploadingrecording, and adding videos, quizzes or dropboxes easy for educators who want to use video as part of their LMS course. 


If you are not using an integrated Identity Provider, a new window will open and you will need to login. If you are prompted to login, enter your login credentials, click remember me and then click the Login button. 


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