Chop a Video


This article will go over how to chop a video in the Trim & Chop editor. This feature is available in version 5.5.

What is a Chop?

A chop, is when you remove a section of a video. A user will cut the media in two places and "chop out" the middle section and join the other segments of the video back together. For example, if a user has a long video, they might want to chop (or trim) it into smaller video clips. 

To chop a video, go to the video in the Media Library and click Edit.  


Next, click the Trim & Chop button at the top of the wizard.


Chop a Video

  1. Click on on the Chop tab.
  2. Using the video player, advance to the first chop point, then click the Start Chop.
  3. Then, advance to the end chop point, then click End Chop. 


Enter Title & Save Clip

  1. Enter a new title in the Title field, or use the automatically generated “Original Title (Clip)” title. Use the checkbox to indicate if the description information from the original video will be copied to the newer, chopped video.
  2. Then, click Save Clip.


New Title Created Successfully

Users will have the option to Create another Clip, Edit a New Title or they can Go to the Media Library. 


New Clip Available

When a user returns to the Media Library, the new clip will be available, and new thumbnail and preview images will be generated. The new clip will follow any auto-publishing workflows as the original upload. The original video will not be altered in any way. The original video can be deleted from the Media Library, and the other will not be affected.


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