Ensemble Video 5.6 Version Summary


Ensemble Video 5.6 continues our commitment to developing features and functionality that enhance engagement, teaching, learning and communication.  


End User Features

This version includes two end user features that are sure to become customer favorites, Video Notes and Video Comments. Plus, Ensemble Video customers can now add a Video Quiz to any imported YouTube™ video. Additionally, users can share videos and playlists to Google Classroom and we've added new Social Media sharing options for video and playlists. Moreover, users can add a profile that shows up when adding comments and we added a handy forgot password feature for local Ensemble Accounts.

Administrative Features

Ensemble Video 5.6 includes a couple great features for administrators. The Import from YouTube™ Integration is now setup automatically, making the Import from YouTube feature available to all users. Lastly, we've added the granular social media sharing controls so administrators can disable one or more social media sharing options in a System, Institution, Organization or Library. 

End User Features

Video Notes

Content administrators (instructors) and viewers in an LMS (students) can take notes while watching videos, making it easy to share and collaborate using videos notes to enhance teaching, learning and communication. Video notes can be searched, clicked, edited and shared, making them engaging and useful in a number of contexts. Additionally, notes will appear time-stamped right along with the section of the video that corresponds with the video note. Learn more about Video Notes.



Video Comments

Ensemble Video allows you to easy add video comments to cultivate discussions on your videos and live streams.  Additionally, you can get direct feedback from your viewers, answer their questions, and overall create a community and conversation around your videos. Any video owners or authenticated viewers can use comments for adding an afterthought, a clarification, or side conversation. Of course, some comments are brilliant, and some… are not. The good news is, there are a ton of options that help content administrators to edit, moderate or delete comments. Learn more about Video Comments.



Add Video Quizzes to YouTube™ Videos

Ensemble Video users can now add video quizzes to YouTube™ videos. That's right, users can import any video from YouTube™, then add multiple choice, multi-select and true/false questions to make the video more engaging for your students or viewers. Learn more about Adding Video Quizzes to YouTube™ Videos.




Share to Google Classroom

Ensemble Video users can easily share an Ensemble video or playlist to Google Classroom with a click of a button. Learn more about Sharing to Google Classroom




Share a Video or Playlist to Social Media Platforms

While social sharing has been available in previous versions, the feature has been enhanced in Ensemble Video 5.6. Ensemble Video users can now share a Video or Playlist to more social media platforms and tools. Plus, the platforms and tools are configurable by an administrator. Learn more about Sharing a Video to Social Media Platforms or Sharing a Playlist to Social Media Platforms



Change Your Profile Photo

Users can choose a photo to set as their Ensemble Video profile photo. A user profile photo shows up when someone sees the user in the comments panel or in other Ensemble Video interfaces.  Learn more about Changing Your Profile Photo.



Forgot Password

Users can reset and change their password for their local Ensemble Account using the Forgot Password function. Local Ensemble Accounts are used to access many Ensemble products, like our web application, mobile application and Chrome Recorder Extension. Learn more about the Forgot Password feature.



Administrative Features

Import Videos from YouTube Configuration

Ensemble Content administrators can import videos from YouTube™ into their Ensemble Video library to publish content to an Ensemble Video playlist. In Ensemble Video version 5.6 the Import Video from YouTube™ Configuration was moved to the System Administration area to simplify Importing Video from YouTube™ for all users. Now all users can easily Import Video from YouTube™ without any setup at the Library level. To learn more on How to Import Video from YouTube™, click here.  If you would like to Disable the YouTube™ configuration, click here.



Disable Social Sharing Options

Ensemble Video users can share a Video and/or a Playlist to various platforms or tools. In some cases, administrators may want to disable some or all of our social sharing options. This feature helps an administrator Disable Social Sharing Options for Videos and/or Playlists. Learn more about the Disable Social Sharing Options feature.  


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