Ensemble Video 5.7 Version Summary


Ensemble Video 5.7 includes the ability to Customize Reporting Views in our Reporting area. This feature can be used to simplify and improve analysis of reporting data. Also, this version includes a number of bug fixes.

Customize Reporting Views

The user can (1) Select a Report, then (2) Choose a Location in Ensemble Video and (3) Customize the report.


In this example, the user can (1) Select the Unit of Measure, then (2) Choose the Columns to Display and finally (3) Refresh the report. Note: The Customize Report panel options will change based on the Report Type.


 In this example, the (1) Column Heading Before and the (2) Column Heading After is displayed to illustrate the change Customized Report. Note: The Column Heading options will change based on the Report Type.


Bug Fixes

The bug fixes are documented in the 5.7 Change Log

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